The Forthcoming 2014 Season

Stuart Bruce and Richard Higginbottom went to Paddington Recreation Ground and had a net for an hour.  The wickets are very good and the floodlights (though they switched them on about 5 minutes late) are excellent.  So I’ll be booking these up in weeks where we don’t have a midweek match this season.  Nights will vary depending on what I can get (can only book 5 days ahead).


Coming up next (final pre-season indoor net practice at The Oval on Thursday 24th April), we will have a Net Practice at Paddington Rec on Friday 25th.  I’ll try to get a couple of lanes for 2 or 3 hours and send out details nearer the time (depending on what I can book).  We’ll have a few refreshments afterwards and discuss the forthcoming season.

We have an extra fixture – many years ago I was lucky enough to play at Holkham Hall in Norfolk.  We have been offered a match on 26th July which is the day before the second Jesus College game, so I will be working out logistics for that weekend.  Outline plan is to hire a mini bus, stay overnight in North Norfolk and then motor back to Cambridge the next day.


In the meantime, the Fixture List is finalised on the Fixture List section.  I’ll be printing these out on cards and handing these over to you on receipt of your Subs.  Reminder – £20.  The best bargain in London.  Thanks to those of you who have already paid, you’ll receive your card next time I see you.

If you’d like to pay on-line, email and I’ll send you payment details.  Please note that subs are payable at latest on the day of your third Gardeners match (we have this rule so new members get a chance to “try before they buy”).

Richard Higginbottom
Captain, 10th April 2014

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