The LICS weekend

We managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory against Bendev.  You can read the full story here.  But now onto our annual double header against those Viking invaders LICS.  So far we’ve got a few names into the T20 and Sunday teams.  Join the fray by emailing the skipper.

Friday 18th July T20 at Parliament Hill – 6pm sharp!
Richard Higginbottom   [captain if no Nick]
Conor Aspel
Jeff Round
David Hollingsworth
Paul Brasted
Corey McLaughlin
Sachith Dassanayake
Keshan Dickwella
Iqbal Farouq Chowdhury
Nick Duckett[?]

Sunday 20th July 35 overs at Golders Green – 1.30pm
Richard Higginbottom   [captain]
Lord Fakenham
Jeremy Gostick
Conor Aspel
Jeff Round (who might play for LICS – to be agreed)
Toby Frow
David Hollingsworth
Paul Brasted
David Stead
Lloyd Duddridge
Nick Duckett

Richard Higginbottom, 15th July 2014

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