News from the Twilight Zone

It’s that time of year when some of us who use all our holiday entitlement up during the Summer keep warm by heading into the office to do some work.  This gives your captain the opportunity to tidy up any outstanding SGCC work and to make plans for the next few weeks.  So here’s a mini-digest of what’s been going on.

1  AGM outcome – Richard Higginbottom (Captain, Treasurer), Jim Monahan (Hon Secretary), Nick Duckett (Midweek Captain) all remain in situ.  We have a new Vice Captain – Stuart Bruce.

2  Averages – these are now on the 2014 Statistics page.  Thanks to Stuart for compiling.

3  2015 Winter Net Practice – every Thursday 7pm-8pm at The Oval.  Starts on Thursday 8th January.

4  The Return to Holkham has been fixed! In 2015 we will play there on Saturday 9th May (the first Jesus College fixture is the day after).  A number of rooms have been booked at Wensum Lodge on the Saturday night.

Happy New Year,

Richard Higginbottom, Captain, 29th December 2014

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1 Response to News from the Twilight Zone

  1. Stuart C says:

    I know that I’ve had beer but I want it!

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