The Salmagundi Gardeners 2016 Awards

In a not-quite-glittering event at the Bonnington Café on Friday 11th November a number of the Gardeners gathered to chew over the award nominations for the season.  The winners in each category (top) and the other nominees are listed below.  Thanks very much to David Hollingsworth for setting up the categories and ensuring fair play.

Shot of the year
– Sam Boyal’s howitzer straight drive vs Gospel Blokes in a T20
– Conor Aspel’s straight drive for 4 at Ardington – an actual genuine cricket shot after nearly three years!
– Sachith Dassanayake – his towering six into the trees against the Musicians

Wicket of the year
– Adam Wood’s not quite match-turning 4-wicket spell against St Albans
– Stuart Bruce bowling Owen, 2nd Innings in the Ardington Test Match
– Tim Clamp getting Tim Smart of the musicians out – sweet revenge a year later

Catch of the year
– Sachith catching an airy cut from Duncan of Musicians at Gully
– Sachith’s other gully catch in the same game

Best cricketing moment
– Draw with scores level at Ardington
– Finally regaining the Ashes in a really exciting match against the Players
– Gopala Krishna bouncing then yorking Joe Banks of Antares after he’d hit him for straight four

Worst cricketing moment
– Losing to French House in a dispiriting batting collapse
– Going past Wembley for the second time on the second trip to Ardington. The captain has bought SatNav since.

Quote of the year
– “He’s the worst bowler I’ve ever seen” & “I can’t believe I got out to him” plus numerous others from Cameron Finn after Ghost got him out in the 2nd Ashes match.
– “Good catch – great sledge” from a defeated Antares batsman after he wafted one ball too many into the off side and our captain had said “he can’t keep mishitting so accurately”

Comedy moment of the year
– Adam’s crazy dance then dismissal vs Sybil at Jesus College
– Spending about five minutes telling Cameron not to underestimate Ghost as he walked out, then watching him hole out very soon after
– Against St Albans with everybody in position waiting for Dave S to deliver the first ball, only to realise that he was still sat on the boundary.

Post-match entertainment award
– The whole Boars Head conversation – featuring post-Brexit analysis, Graham Bruce’s opinions on the past medicinal experience of his team mates, being Italian or German, the poisoned sausages, Conor turning up with a splendid girlfriend
– Fish and chips on the quay at Wells after the match vs Holkham
– Jabba asking Billy if he’s signed up for the ECB Umpire’s course after The Trumpet gave him lbw to a big inside edge.

Richard Higginbottom
Captain, 21st November 2016

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