Gardeners – time to get your planning in.  The 2018 fixtures are now on the ‘Fixtures’ section of this website.  Note that we have two tours – both involving just the Saturday night away – first weekend in May to Holkham / Cambridge and the last weekend in June to Ardington.  Any fixtures you want to be involved in, let me know, particularly the tour matches.  More details and prices out on email soon, but here are some prices for you.

Annual Subscription = £22
Match Fee is from £6 to £10 depending on what we get charged (sometimes it works out at more than £10 each, but we never charge more than £10.  Treasurer and Vice Captain Stuart Bruce will be only too delighted to take your hard earned cash.

Want to look the part?  Gardeners caps are £10 and long sleeve shirts are £15.  Stocks are now dwindling for the shirts, so get your orders in soon so I can place a new order (this time for some short sleeve ones as well).

Richard Higginbottom, Captain, 19th March 2018


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