Gardeners – the ever changing team

I was talking with the team during the tea interval recently on the subject of the previous match; at that point I realised that I was the only person who had played for the Gardeners in both games, which made me realise that (a) I am some sort of cricket junkie (no surprise there) and (b) that we have a wide range of players to call upon.  Thanks to all of you making yourselves available; please continue to contribute your views on how we can change for the better, whether it’s personal to you or concerning matches, opposition, wickets etc.  It’s an honour to be captain of this team – remember that we try to make sure everyone gets a chance to shine, we play with a smile on our face but get serious if we need to, and we are always gracious to the opposition and our team-mates (in that order).

Richard Higginbottom
12th June 2018

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