The Bonnington Awards

Around this time of year a number of us gather at the Bonnington Cafe – a vegetarian (mainly vegan) eatery near to The Oval – and discuss the stand-out achievements of the season.  Jeremy Gostick was kind enough to document the citations, and I gladly reproduce them right here:

Here are the details of the SGCC award winners, as finalised last Friday at the traditional end-of-season meal at the Bonnington (and the increasingly traditional attempt to burn down the restaurant – well done Graham). Let’s get to it.

Shot of the year

Debasis’ six off a good ball early on at Holkham which put a chill in the hearts of the complacent locals (although a number of Debasis’ shots could have won).

Wicket of the year

Stuart breaking a bail at Cambridge. Because breaking bails is cool. And we’ll not mention his terrorising of a child later in the innings.

Best bowling performance

Subbu’s 5-3 against Antares. Has the defence of a total of 78 ever been so comfortable?

Catch of the year

Paul Jordan’s ‘leaping salmon’ vs Ardington.

Best cricketing moment

Joe and Tim ‘Captain Hook’ Richards’ epic last wicket stand against the Sunday Times (hiss!boo!) to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat (as opposed to the other way round, which is our normal approach).

Worst cricketing moment

Ardington: ‘you know we don’t play LBW, right?’

This isn’t the under-11s, people.

Quote of the year

S Bruce at Ham: ‘Boys let’s all calm down’, said with eyes bulging and steam coming out of ears.

Comedy moment of the year

Conor’s attempted ramp shot at Ardington, the descriptions of which became more and more elaborate and overblown as the meal went  on.  I look forward to an opportunity to catch it next year.

Post-match entertainment award

Adam ‘Brando’ Wood laying it on the line to one of those annoying Young People in Wantage on Ardington weekend: ‘You know nothing…I’ve forgotten things you’ll never know’.

What’s he rebelling against? What have you got?

There was also a special, extra-patronising, award to Graham for ‘most improved bowler’, in the vain hope it might stop him setting light to things.

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1 Response to The Bonnington Awards

  1. No award for the Whitley Bay champion!? Two busy changing nappies?

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