Jim Monahan

On most Summer Sundays, approach the ground we’re playing at and marvel at one of the Gardeners’ founder members cajoling his team mates to greater success, charming the opposition and friends alike, playing some deft strokes with calm precision or – best of all – commencing his approach to the wicket, praying mantis style, frequently bringing about the demise of the most threatening batsmen the Gardeners are having to deal with.  Jim has four sons (Tom is featured in the Player Profiles) all of whom have graced the Gardeners with their presence.  In the picture below Jim is putting his parenting skills to good use with the recent offspring of Patrick Bolster (profile pending for Pat).


Jim demonstrates excellent catching technique to intercept an infant that had fallen from a hot air balloon over Hampstead Heath

3 Responses to Jim Monahan

  1. toddy says:

    Are packham monahan (j) still playing? There’s hope for me yet. Do you have a squad place for a failed no.3?

  2. Richard Higginbottom says:

    Hello Ian … always room for Gardeners new or old. Yes, Jim and Chris are still playing – in fact they were two of our main wicket takers in 2011 and are gearing up for 2012. Two of Jim’s sons play too .. Tom and Henry – very handy players. Feel free to get in touch. We’ve got nets at The Oval at the moment on Wednesdays and a full 2012 season planned.
    Best wishes,

  3. Nej says:

    Jim’s talents also extend to singing (and drinking) Bass and pencil-sharpening, but you’re unlikely to find him singing his own praises. He has been the overseeing architect of many a collapse, I’m sure – not least my one-and-only contribution to the Gardeners – a golden duck (for which my osteopath has never forgiven me, as it finished both my ‘cricketing’ career and his lucrative income from it).

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