Paul Brasted

Mercurial All Rounder Paul is a man of many talents – his left-handed swing bowling as likely to home in on the middle stump of the finest batsmen as it is to be deposited over midwicket by a hit-and-hope tailender.  Has taken a number of sublime catches and has every shot in the book (the book being his autobiography “The Book of Crazy Cricket”).  Frequently seen dressed in black leather – he rides a Honda Fireblade.  Always an asset to the Gardeners during and after the game, Paul is our leading political debater, famously taking on Tony Benn in a battle of wits.  Favourite 2014 moments were his excellent 26 at Lyme Regis and an exchange at Ardington where Chris Packham said “Blimey Paul, even YOU can’t defend Saville”.

4 Responses to Paul Brasted

  1. gerald says:

    In other circles, he is known as CAMDEN BETTY

  2. dr mchoofter (md shenley residential reform home) says:

    I am very surprised to see that this man is once again at large in the community. All I can say is that I hope the police have been informed.

  3. not gerald says:

    can anyone tell me if he is employing his old “party” trick again? – ie pretending to be a motor-cyclist?

  4. old git says:

    not the b’rasted that voted for Brexit?!?

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