Match Reports

So long as one of us remembers to take the scorebook home and then can make the time, we file our match reports here.  The Gardeners have been fortunate enough to have the excellent correspondent services of Chris Packham, Mark Gilkes, Erik Samuelson, Michael Fox, James Tait and a few others over the years.  The current main scribe is Richard Higginbottom (still an apprentice to the mastery of Chris Packham who also remains a key contributor).  Any comments on any of the reports are welcomed.  Any sledging will be summarily dealt with unless it is very funny at which point it will be promoted to the home page.

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1 Response to Match Reports

  1. jim monahan says:

    brilliant richard…rather belated but very very well done jim…is a match report available for the last game so that i can endevour to pacify Goeff at Jesus?

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