Nomadic Norsemen 21 June

Norsemen v Gardeners – 21st June 2009

Report by Chris Packham.

They came, they saw, they brought cup-cakes. Yes, this weekend we were up against those famous warriors from the north led by our own Bruno Brewin.  Lock up your daughters, so the saying goes, well, apart from our Australian compadres, we should have locked up our batsmen to save the poor dears from embarrassment.

SGCC won the toss and elected to bat. In Richard’s defence he received a nasty delivery which required a strategically placed glove to save his teeth. He also produced the savoury side of the joint tea – which required sandwiches to be made – and took extreme exception to Bruno’s store bought cakes. A bit of Sunday morning baking never hurt anyone, according to Richard. Peace resumed when Bruno produced beers from the cool bag. Gareth was determined not to repeat last week’s failure and certainly had the Norsemen worried, top scoring with 33. Skipper Nick decided the number 4 spot should be put in capable hands, and incapable is what he got from me. Jeff was unlucky to be out to a spectacular catch by Simon Williams off of Bruno’s bowling. The brothers Campbell stopped the rot with a 45 run partnership, Jim scoring one more than Mick.

The final score was 136 for 7 off 35 overs.

Richard Higginbottom 9 (8) Caught
Jeremy Gostick 5 (31) Run Out
Gareth Houston 33 (40) Bowled
Chris Packham 3 (14) Bowled
Jim Campbell 26 (40) Not Out
Paul Brasted 1 (9) Caught
Jeff Round 0 (3) Caught
Nick Duckett (cap’n) 0 (10) Run Out
Mick Campbell 25 (32) Not Out
Jim Monahan Did Not Bat
James Tait (wkt) Did Not Bat

Extras 34

On what turned out to be a lovely sunny (longest) day, we shared the extension with another match, which featured The Old Fallopians. Suggested jokes: their season has gone down the tubes (me, Jeremy); they bowl ovaries James).

At just under 4 an over against strong opposition it was not an easy total to defend. Hopes were raised when both opening batsmen were dismissed after only 3 overs, Mick clean bowling one with a yorker and Jim having the other caught behind. After 10 overs the score was only 38, could we do it? No. They may have started slowly but Jackson Jessop (43) and Simon Williams (28) put together a partnership of 75 which wasn’t broken until the 20th over when Jim M. had Jackson LBW. James did well behind the stumps as both Jim and Mick were bowling quick, but there were no byes and only 2 leg byes. Oh well, at least there were only 12 extras this week.

The Nomadic Norsemen’s final score was 139 for 6 off 26.1 overs.

J. Campbell   7 Overs 1 Wickets 1 Maidens 29 Runs
M. Campbell   7 – 2 – 1 – 25
Packham   4.1 – 0 – 0 – 19
Monahan   7 – 3 – 0 – 38
Houston   1 – 0 – 0 – 11
Brasted   1 – 0 – 0 – 15

Extras 12

…. and the same match viewed by the Norsemen themselves – thanks to Bruno Brewin

Nomadic Norsemen vs. Salmagundi Gardeners
21st June 2009, Hampstead Heath Extension
2pm start, 35 overs

From Bruno Brewin


Our team for this fixture started out in life looking positively old school. Sadly due to various commitments (being dad, press ganged removal man and elephant knee), Sven, Rock Star and Duncs had to make way for fresh talent. This does not in any way insinuate that the former were neither…

Today’s battle finally saw a materialisation of the concatenation of the two teams that allow me to play for them. It seemed that Odin had deemed this an auspicious event as the sun shone on an environment most conducive to the cucumber sandwich. However the captain was to blame for not providing a printed map to exactly pinpoint the venue. “You could have given me a post code” is surely enough to the get the goat of any ex-scout. Get a proper map, you spoon-fed sat-nav eejits. At 2pm we numbered three. Fortunately, by 2.15pm, play could commence.

Bruno lost the toss again. We were put into the field. We were spoilt for choice in the bowling department. The seasoned pro Norm opened with Ant. Norm winkled out one opener with a lifter that was gloved to first slip. (Note to reader – something must be going well this season – we have held at least 3 slip catches. In seasons gone by, “standing” at slip seemed an excuse to catch… up with the wicketkeeper). The fall of the first wicket brought in a true propensity for drilling it to the boundary in their gold & green Gareth. His first shot was a backward defensive that struck both fear and awe into Norse hearts.

Meanwhile it was Dick Dastardly and Penelope Pitstop at the other end as they both proceeded at breakneck speed to action two quite haphazard, suicidal run outs. First change saw Mark Benka appear from 5 years in the Nordic wilderness and new boy Tony desperate to bowl in shades. Ozzie thug continued to plunder. Meanwhile Tony swung an in-ducker to remove the middle stump of his partner. A further double bowling change saw Bruno inevitably give himself the full quota of overs and another debutant Jonny bowl his off breaks. Jonny mixed up his first two balls superbly. The first was a wide long hop that hit mach 3 on its way through the off side. The second was an off stump arm ball that the bemused Australian (may we see many, many more of these this summer, pretty please) played round and got bowled.

Horticulture has proved popular down under and two more Australians came out for the Gardeners to demonstrate their mettle against the combined forces of Blighty and the Rainbow Country. The Gardeners innings never really got going though steady progress was made. The highlight of the innings had to be the superman like dive and left hand pouch inches above the ground by Simon Williams. For a man with 4 hours sleep, wearing sunglasses and the apparent propulsion of a sloth, it really was a joy to behold. I have already sent a note to the engravers. Less will be said about the one that almost hospitalised three Norsemen who all gaily went for the same catch at mid-wicket. It would have been Simon’s as well but for the poaching pouch of Tony.

The batting order had been determined mid-week. Chanel was back at his rightful place at no.5. Oli will be preserving his bowling figures of 3-3 for the foreseeable future and was given the duty of opening with another hung over talent, Jim Denning. The Norse found the pitch equally difficult to play. The bounce was variable and the Ozzie (yawn) bowling attack was strong. Both fell to their wiles, one caught and one bowled. When talking about nailing down a position in a cricket team, one should have a word with Jackson Jessop. He has been, is and always will be our number 3. The ship needed steadying and nothing fills a captain’s heart with such glee and admiration than JJ’s wall of China forward defensive. He was sturdily backed up by the classic Simon Williams. They dug us well and truly out of an early scare and racked up an impressive 75 stand.

The joys of pre-empting a mini-collapse are not to be sniffed at. The captain murmured at around 80-2 that we “would do really well to lose from here”. As if Marconi had set up a direct line to the square, Jackson fell plumb in front and Simon W was cleaned up by a great yorker. Simon D strode out and watched both Benka and Raaths meekly walk off after their dismissals. Tony showed no fear as he scored 7 off his first 3 balls. Simon reminded us why we love having him play with a few tasty hits. He was steering us to victory and the end was nigh. Tony nailed a long hop through the covers and we had more than a few overs to spare.

The game was played in good spirit. The bought cakes were sniffed at but the cold beers seemed like some sort of revelation to the Gardeners. Who would have thought a cooler bag could be filled with ice and beer? Oli had.


Salmagundi Gardeners: 136 for 7 (Houston 33, EXTRAS 34, Raaths 2-***)
Nomadic Norsemen: 139 for 6 (Jessop 43, Williams 28, Drakeford 14*, Monahan 3-38)

Team: Bruno Brewin*, Simon Drakeford+, Christian Ayres, Oli Potgieter, Ant Pickering, Jackson Jessop, Simon Williams, Jim Denning, Mark Benka, Johann Raaths, Tony Silva

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