Putney 8 August

Report by Chris Packham

The scorebook went awol again and so this is from my fading memory bank.  [RH note – details added later with an email from our hosts]

New opponents and new ground; not as grand as we perhaps expected – cross two busy roads to get from the pavilion to the pitch. The wicket well looked after but very sticky after heavy rain, the outfield not mown and bumpy. Putney won the toss and batted first in a 40 over match.

Jim Campbell was back after fracturing his thumb and opened the bowling; Dave Stead from the other end. The bowling was good, the batting started strong but after the opening batsman fell to DS it slowed considerably. After 20 overs the score was around 70 and we fancied our chances, but the arrival of Putney CC’s captain, Ash, increased the run rate and he and his partner both scored 50’s and sportingly retired to give others a bat. It was generally agreed amongst ourselves that the extra 5 overs were a bit too much, although Jeff (wkt) was pleased with only letting through 5 byes. Dave took a couple of wickets, Jim C took one and also hit a bail but it didn’t fall off and Jim M took a couple of catches. Paul ran around the field like a man in need of a drugs test and Lord Fakenham was bored.

Putney   212 for 4   in 40 overs

SGCC Bowling Overs Mdns Runs  Wkts
Jim Campbell 8 0 42 1
David Stead 6 1 19 1
Mick Campbell 7 0 42 1
Lord Fakenham 4 0 12 1
Jim Monahan 7 0 45 0
Chris Packham 4 0 27 0
Manish Chanan 4 0 17 0

Paul and Jim M opened the batting. Paul was shortly out lbw and replaced by Fakenham.  He and Jim both looked in good form with the bat, but His Lordship’s running was causing concern; both the lack of it – standing in the crease with Jim at his side shouting run, admiring a shot he thought was going for four until the fielder picked it up and he just managed to scramble down the wicket – and the kamikaze quick ones which led to Jim being run out.  Jim C joined Jason and was shortly out lbw although he got a bit of bat on the ball. New player Manish looked the part but didn’t last long. Neither did Jeremy.  Mick came in and hit the ball well.  Our run rate was good, but we were running out of batsmen.  Fakenham scored about 34, Mick 28.  Amar was stumped first ball.  Dave and Jeff were slowed down by a very good spinner.  Jeff eventually stumped off a wide; which left me.  We had about 160 with ten overs left.  Dave was convinced we could do it. The wicket keeper was standing up to all the bowlers which meant there were quite a few byes.  The runs were coming and the tension mounting, then Dave was given out to another iffy lbw and that was that.

SGCC   163 all out   lost by 49 runs

Jim Monahan 5
Paul Brasted 1
Lord Fakenham 34
Jim Campbell 1
Jeremy Gostick 0
Manish Chanan 11
Mick Campbell 30
David Stead 24
Amardeep Jamu 0
Jeff Round 11
Chris Packham 3*

The best story down the pub was from Jeremy’s holiday.  While out on a sea trip whale watching a scientist on board who had been monitoring the whales mating habits was knocked over by a certain part of the male’s anatomy as it careered out of the water on its back.  She’ll probably never be able to face reading Melville’s Moby Dick.

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  1. COSMOS says:

    You know what they say: Do as you would be done by. As we fancied our chances but after fracturing his lordship s and that the male s moby dick share this is from the crease with an email from our chances but didn t last long… We are making a guy flick about this. watch trailer here: https://youtu.be/s2jpbmvsmvs

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