Jesus LV 18 July

And so back to Jesus College Cambridge to play the Long Vacation team.  The Sun always shines here so no surprise when skipper David Stead won the toss and elected to bat.  Some form of inspiration struck Steadley as he selected two of our middle order “enforcers” to open the innings.  The bowling was of a very high standard, restricting the Lord Fakenham to more nudges and deflections than his customary bluff and bludgeon.  At the other end Toby Frow belied his lack of cricket as he played a series of elegant strokes, on two occasions his timing being precise enough to enable defensive strokes to cross the boundary.  The opening stand had reached 79 when Parks deservedly took Fakenham’s wicket, tamely holing out to Grimshaw at Cover.  The Norfolk Nobleman was thinking of rowing when he uttered “rowlocks” as the ball looped through the air.  Toby was undone shortly after, charging first change bowler Wilson, expert stumper Malcolm Birks (yes that’s our Malcolm Birks as well) removing the bails.  A masterclass in batting ended at 53.

Tom Monahan looked very settled at the crease following his excellent season so far, but lifted one back to mid on, bowler Grimshaw taking a stunning diving return catch having first hurdled the non-striker’s stumps and the non-striker himself (Steadley) before latching on.  Brilliant cricket.  The skipper together with Dave 2-Bats Hollingsworth struck a number of boundaries before Dave S wiped across a straight one from Grimshaw.  Richard H holed out at a deep-ish mid off for 1 (run before you can walk son) and 2-Bats perished bowled by Grimshaw for 18.  Mick Campbell marshalled the lower order well, scoring 20.  Jim and Paul got 1 and 2 respectively and we had hopes of a good last wicket stand as Nick had got over his early innings nerves only for Jeff to run him out (as the Bearded Canuck was determined to be Not Out for the first time this season).

SGCC   154 all out

Toby Frow   st Birks b Wilson   53
Lord Fakenham   ct Grimshaw b A Parks   25
David Stead   lbw Grimshaw   10
Tom Monahan   ct & b Grimshaw   4
David Hollingsworth   b Wilson   18
Richard Higginbottom   ct Rattan b Wilson   1
Mick Campbell   ct Lee b Rattan   20
Jim Monahan   b Grimshaw   1
Paul Brasted   lbw Wilson   2
Nick Duckett   run out   3
Jeff Round   not out   1
Extras   16

“So many sandwiches, so little time” said someone as tea arrived.  The scones and raspberry and custard tarts were pretty special too.  So unused are the Gardeners to such splendour it took us an embarassing amount of time to get out after tea fully equipped to put in a creditable bowling and fielding display.  “Toby can open everything today” thought Dave as he watched Toby unscrew a bottle, jemmy his way into a locked car and cut the ribbon to open a nearby fete during the interval.  Hence Mr Frow commenced to Malcolm Birks – and proceeded to bowl a very good over with a couple of balls not quite a perfect line and length (needless to add that Malcolm scored two fours in the over).  Ominous.  At the other end Mick got into an excellent rhythm immediately, producing some late swing and calming proceedings down with a maiden.  In Toby’s second over a ball nipped back in to bowl Malcolm’s opening partner Wilkinson for 2.  Toby and Mick continued to bowl wonderfully well, restricting Malcolm’s scoring opportunities as Toby pinned Jesus number 3 Lee lbw for 5 and shortly after bowled W Parks for 0.  Mick was enjoying the challenge of bowling to Malcolm and decided to test him with a slower ball – which turned into a full toss – the surprised Malcolm struck the ball back to Mick who made the catch look simpler than it was – Malcolm returning to the pavilion for 28, the score now 41 for 4.  Grimshaw (18) and Wilson (20) steadied the ship until Mick claimed the wicket of Grimshaw.  Skipper Dave came on and produced a fine delivery to bowl Arbabzadah for 8.  Then … the Tom Monahan show.  First Wilson attempted to run an overthrow that had been backed up by our fielding talisman, who swooped majestically and threw down the stumps from 30 yards to run out the batsman by a whisker.  Then Tom took a lofted drive first bounce from A Parks who was sent back slightly too late by his partner, this time Jeff gathering skilfully to complete the run out.  Rattan battled gamely on for his 15 not out, but Dave and Mick took numbers 10 and 11 respectively to end the match.

Jesus College Long Vacation   124 all out   lost to SGCC by 30 runs

Birks   ct & b   M Campbell   28
Wilkinson   b Frow   2
Lee   lbw Frow   5
W Parks   b Frow   0
Grimshaw   b Campbell   14
Wilson   run out   20
Arbabzadah   b Stead   8
A Parks   run out   9
Rattan   not out   15
Bates   b Stead   0
G Parks   lbw Campbell   4
Extras   19

Gardeners Bowling
Toby Frow   11 overs   1 maiden   39 runs   3 wickets
Mick Campbell   9 – 4 – 25 – 3
Lord Fakenham   4 – 0 – 25 – 0
David Stead   8 – 5 – 15 – 2
Jim Monahan   2 – 0 – 7 – 0

Quotes of the Day – all by the wonderful Tom Monahan:

“My landlord – I wouldn’t trust him with a bargepole”
On being asked if the sightscreen was OK: “Yes, it’s very nice thanks”
When Nick asked him if he would umpire: “No thanks I’m reading a story”
After the first runout: “That was rather satisfactory”

1 Response to Jesus LV 18 July

  1. SKULL SAND says:

    You bring out the best in other people.. Lifted one back to test him out as he played a deep ish mid off for jeff to end the bowling and cut the scones and we had reached 79 when he played a parks… .
    We are making a romantic movie about this. watch trailer here:

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