LICS 30 July

To London Fields, Hackney on a Friday night – undaunted (or perhaps tempted) by the view that it was “terrible, dangerous and more than grim” the intrepid Gardeners squared up to Jeff Round’s “other” team from Leeds University.

Skipper Nick lost the toss and we were put into bat.  Bruno and debutant Adam Bartlett opened and the unfortunate Adam returned 3 balls later, his lofted cover drive drawing a stunning catch from sometime Gardener Jimmy, taking the ball with aplomb on the run as it dropped over his shoulder.  In went Fakenham at 3 – who played some good strokes, encouraged to run by Bruno who almost lapped him a couple of times.  Bruno was then undone by a nasty lifter that ricocheted into the stumps – out for 16.  Richard came in and surprised his team mates by finding the middle of the bat a few times.  Fakenham continued serenely and retired unbeaten on 25 – though he hobbled off like even more of a shambling old man than he already is.  Enter Dave 2-Bats who had earlier been riled when umpiring by someone complaining he was strict on wides.  Dave never quite settled and returned to the pavilion bowled by Arthur for 5.  Please note at this point the scorebook becomes somewhat approximated as the innings then had many comings and goings.  Nick came and went then Richard tried to play a very good outswinger through midwicket and was bowled for 21 by Paul.  A melange of edges, sturdy blows and a rash of extras were conjured up in the crescendo towards the end of the innings as LICS bowlers held their nerve very well, Tom Monahan holding the later stages together well for 20.

SGCC   126 all out
Adam Bartlett   c Jimmy b Tom   0
Mark Brewin   b Gaw   16
Jason Amesbury   not out   25
Richard Higginbottom   b Paul   21
David Hollingsworth   b Williamson   5
Tom Monahan   b Lyne   20
Nick Duckett   c Wood b Muldoon   0
Paul Brasted   c Wood b Hayward   5
David Stead   b Hayward   1
Nimish Shah   run out   0
Sanjay Kittali   b Lyne   0
Extras   33

LICS Bowling
Hayward   4 overs   0 maidens   26 runs   3 wickets
Gaw   3 – 0 – 18 – 1
Williamson   4 -1 – 17 – 1
Paul   4 – 1 – 18 – 2
Muldoon   2 – 0 – 25 – 0
Lyne   2.4 – 0 – 8 – 2

Into the field and it seemed the Gardeners were having more committee meetings than Hackney Council.  In the gathering gloom Dave Stead and Nimish (making his 2010 debut) bowled with pace and accuracy, LICS opener Gaw withstanding the onslaught very well and playing some handsome strokes.  At the other end Dave removed Jimmy for 5 and Steve Lyne then supported Gaw until Nimish ended the latter’s innings with a good catch by 2-Bats for 26 (wait a minute – weren’t we supposed to retire at 25?).  The LICS’ Dave supported Steve well until becoming the first of 3 run outs as the tempo increased – out for 8.  In the field we were turning into the walking wounded – Fakenham had strained himself while batting so was even more static than usual in the field.  Bruno sprinted after a ball at deep square leg and went down as if he’d been shot (in fact with the proliferation of Saturday Night Specials in the area that was our first assumption).  Fortunately it was a strained groin which Bruno used as an excuse to stand still rubbing his family jewels for the rest of the game.  Sanjay spectacularly trod on the ball as he ran after it, did a somersault, grabbed the ball and hurled it back in.  That’s how a real man deals with accidents.  Paul played well with Steve until Steve’s retirement on 29.  Our own Adam Wood was guesting for LICS and made 8 before charging headlong at an Adam B delivery, Paul B behind the stumps throwing them down.  Jo was run out for 1 as we went into the last over.  Steve H run out for 1 by dynamite Duckett at gully.  Could the Gardeners seal the win?  No!  Jeff played a handsome drive for 2 then Paul scored the winning runs off the very last ball. Breathless stuff in the dark.  Great game.

LICS   127 for 6   won by 4 wickets
Gaw   ct Hollingsworth b Shah   26
Jimmy Muldoon   b Stead   5
Steve Lyne   retired   29
Dave   run out   8
Paul   not out   29
Adam Wood   st Brasted b Bartlett   8
Jo   run out   1
Steve H   run out   1
Jeff Round   not out   2
Extras   18

SGCC bowling
David Stead   4 overs   0 maidens   26 runs   1 wicket
Nimish Shah   4 – 0 – 19 – 1
Sanjay Kittali   3 – 0 – 16 – 0
Lord Fakenham   3 – 0 – 30 – 0
Mark Brewin   3 – 0 – 10 – 0
Adam Bartlett   3 – 0 – 13 – 1

After the match Adam W, Richard, Dave S and Nick demonstrated how not to untie knots when trying to secure the square (like 9 poles and a rope will keep off Hackney gang members!).  The pub by the park was very pleasant, and some Gardeners joined LICS for a rhythm ‘n’ blues night that Nick had identified.  Steadley got home at 5.30am on Saturday having fallen asleep on the night bus.  Legend!

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