Woodstock 21 July

Another beautiful evening in this glorious Summer saw your correspondent cycling the 13 miles (5 uphill) to Golders Green from Canary Wharf laden with kit.  By the time I got there I needed a lie down.  Instead I set out the boundary markers (making a reappearance following their holiday in Cambridge), plugged in the stumps, put on the bails and prepared to umpire as Woodstock had won the toss and inserted Salmagundi.  Glad Nick didn’t want me to open anyway!

Lord Fakenham and David 2-Bats Hollingsworth faced up to some good accurate bowling from Darren and Ricky, their opening stand featuring a six from The North Norfolk baronet and a five from 2-Bats (ah he does like pressurising the field).  Fakenham perished caught for 8 off Ricky and soon after Dave had reached 8 when he fended a lifter off his face, then blocked a shooter off his toes, the process unsettling him so that the third ball shattered the timbers.  Adam Wood and Billy The Beard negotiated some more tight bowling the scoring rate trickling along for the next few overs until Adam was called for quick single by Billy who then changed his mind, ending up in Adam being run out – also for 8 – personally I reckon 888 is overrated as a good luck symbol.  Richard, having the advantage of playing leg spinner Kevin in the nets a few times, upped the scoring rate a bit but at the other end Billy was caught for 12 off the impressive off spin of Talil.  Nick and Richard combined well pinching singles and scoring the occasional boundary until Richard was stumped charging Brian for a run-a-ball 22.  Nick (5) and Chris (1) were undefeated as the 18 allocated overs completed.

SGCC   85 for 5  off   18 overs
Lord Fakenham   caught  Ricky   8
David Hollingsworth   bowled Ricky   8
Adam Wood    run out   8
Billy Yates   caught   Talil    12
Richard Higginbottom    stumped   Brian   22
Nick Duckett   not out   5
Chris Nicholls   not out   1

Salmagundi’s opening bowlers Fakenham and Sanjay tore in bowling several excellent deliveries, keeping the run rate down and getting several edges and close calls but nothing quite went the Gardeners way.  After the openers had completed 4 overs each without success skipper Nick did an unusual triple change – switching both bowlers and the wicket keeper (actually the plan was for Paul to have a bowl).  3rd and 4th bowlers Billy and Nick also put some useful deliveries down but Woodstock were into their stride now, Mitchell and Darren playing some good shots.  Adam came on, turned one a foot, then got out Darren caught by Paul at Square Leg.  A little bit too late as Stuart hit the last ball of Adam’s over for four to end the match.

Woodstock   86 for 1   off   13 overs   won by 9 wickets
Mitchell   retired   30
Darren   ct Brasted b Wood   28
Stuart   not out   4
Lorne   not out   0
Extras   24

SGCC Bowling
Lord Fakenham   4 overs   0 maidens   15 runs   0 wickets
Sanjay Kittali   4 – 0 – 24 – 0
Billy Yates   2 – 0 – 15 – 0
Nick Duckett   2 – 0 – 14 – 0
Adam Wood   1 – 0 – 7 – 1

1 Response to Woodstock 21 July

  1. Adam3of7 says:

    To be fair to Billy, I called it, running to the danger end. Slow to turn when sent back, and a wicket keeper who got it right, darn!!

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