Goodenough College 20 June

Gardeners not Goodenough – by Nick Duckett

“They weren’t much better than us, really.”  Thus spake C. Packham as the Gardeners ruminated in the pub on their latest defeat to a team of mainly Pakistani university students. Well, Chris, we scored the same number of runs as them, its just that they took 9 more wickets than us and they overtook our total without loss in the 24th over. 

The G’s opened up with Billy and Paul after Dave won the toss and elected to bat. Billy started off with an over of measured leaves before nicely clipping an over-pitched leg-side ball for 4 in the 3rd over.  Opening bowler Tush replied with a sharply-rising bouncer which the trombonist had to fend off with his glove to avoid having his head taken off. First blood to the Goodenoughs – caught 1st slip.

Our newly-returned skipper came to the crease and looked quite comfortable after a couple of nice cover drives but he got a tricky ball from bowler Shah and played on. Paul dabbed around and hopped about a bit until he got out in exactly the same manner to the same bowler. 25 for 3.

D.H. brought a bit of stability to the batting steadying the ship and holding up his end for 15 overs while other batsmen came and went. Chris and Roger lbw and Mick clean bowled. The Gardeners did have a ringer though – Dave’s neighbour Stewart from Walthamstow. He scored 42 putting on 24 with Dave, 44 with Nick and 23 with James taking the G’s from 46 for 5 to 137 for 8 when he was bowled by Abbas in the 34th over. Dave was run out, as was Nick who blocked for 10 overs. James hit some lovely straight fours in the last over. 141 for 9.

The two college boys got 60 and 69 against a particularly good Gardeners bowling attack with Mick in particularly good form with 5 overs for 17. Roger was an inch away from a spectacularly good slip catch. And that was that.

SGCC  141-9 lost to Goodenough College 142-0 by 10 wickets

Billy             ct 4
Paul              b 1
Dave S          b 11
Dave H       runout 15
Chris             lbw 0
Mick           b 0
Roger           lbw 5
Stewart             b 42
Nick            runout 2
James          not out 17
Fakenham            not out 2
Extras  43
Total   141 for 9

Lord Fakenham   5 overs   0 maidens   28 runs   0 wickets
Mick   5 – 0 – 17 – 0
Roger   4 – 0 – 16 – 0
Dave S   3 – 0 – 19 – 0
Chris   3 – 0 – 28 – 0
James   3 – 0 – 28 – 0

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