Nomadic Norsemen 6 June

Our gallant team arrive at the 6th of June with no victories yet in 2010 … the Norsemen were the first to get the better of us last season so could we turn the tables on them?  Captain Nick won the toss and elected to bat, sending in Chris “Brother” Warwick and Dave 2-Bats.  The bowling was hostile and the wicket lively, 2-Bats succumbing lbw to Finch.  Richard also perished lbw to our good friend Justin Trent, a sometime Gardener, without troubling the scorers.  Chris then fended off a sharp lifter from Finch to be caught behind (tough times Dude) for 10 and Lord Fakenham steadied the ship somewhat with lottery winner Adam.  By this I don’t mean that Adam is suddenly a multi millionaire, but that the skipper decided the batting order from 5 to 11 by drawing lots.  Personally I’d have run an auction but that betrays the fact that (a) I’m the Treasurer and (b) I worked for Christie’s for 11 years.  Fakenham was caught and replaced by Billy, who takes the award for beard of the season so far (take note Jeff you need to feed those whiskers!).  Billy showed classical defence whilst Adam played shots all around the wicket continuing his recent excellent form with a swashbuckling 33 before making one charge too many and being stumped.  Mick went in and curbed his usual attacking instincts for a while to nullify the leg spin of chief Norseman Bruno.  Billy fell to a great diving catch for 9 and the unfortunate Will followed immediately after, bowled through the gate.  Jeremy supported Mick in a stand of 35 for the 8th wicket as Mick opened up to cane a number of fours and sixes before being bowled for 35.  Jeremy was caught soon after for 4, leaving Nick and Paul to gather a further 26 runs for the last wicket, Paul in sparkling form for an unbeaten 22, the innings closing when Nick was bowled for 1.

Gardeners   153 all out

Chris Warwick   caught   10
David Hollingsworth   lbw   1
Richard Higginbottom   lbw   0
Lord Fakenham   caught   13
Adam Wood   stumped   33
Billy Yates   caught   9
Mick Campbell   bowled   35
Will Towers   bowled   0
Jeremy Gostick   caught   4
Nick Duckett   bowled   1
Paul Brasted   not out   22

Tea featured sandwiches and crisps by Nick, fruit by 2-Bats and home made cake by Richard.  The Gingerbread was comprehensively eaten, the Victoria Sandwich was 95% devoured leaving around 30% of the fruit cake uneaten.  Will switch to the almond and apricot crumble cake next time (my own recipe).

Mick opened our bowling and had success with his very first ball, an excellent off cutter knocking back off and middle.  Mick continued to bowl a splendid spell but the Norse had some fearsome batting power and the elegant Nuanda – top scorer with 64 – was finding gaps in the field with ease, particularly off some of our less regular bowlers at the other end.  The score was piling up and 2 excellent chances went to ground as keeper Richard stared into the trees while the ball almost descended on his head from a miscued pull off Will and then jarred his thumb (ouch it hurts typing this) instead of taking a regulation catch off Mick.  Mick completed his spell with a well deserved second wicket for a plumb lbw.  Fakenham came on to replace Mick and added some threat but it was all a little too late as the Norse cruised to victory by 8 wickets.  Come on Gardeners better luck next match!  Thanks to the Norsemen and we promise to give them a better game next time.

Nomadic Norsemen   157 for 2   won by 8 wickets

Mick Campbell    7 overs   0 maidens   42 runs   2 wickets
David Hollingsworth   2 – 0 – 26 – 0
Will Towers   3 – 0 – 25 – 0
Paul Brasted   2 – 0 – 18 – 0
Lord Fakenham   2 – 0 – 7 – 0
Nick Duckett   2 – 0 – 36 – 0

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