Strollers 12 Sept

The marvellous flat oasis of cricket pitches and tennis courts in Shepherds Cot was the venue for our game against The Strollers.  The early Autumn sun streamed down as we took to the field, skipper David Stead having lost the toss.  We were short of a number of our regular bowlers, a situation exacerbated by The Lord Fakenham taking a scenic route to the ground.  As luck would have it we had a 12th man – Chirag – whom Dave (with the gracious agreement of the Strollers’ captain) opened the bowling with in His Lordship’s place.  Good over it was too.  Then the baronet arrived meaning Chirag was in the game for one over.  Shortest Gardeners appearance in history?  At the other end Sagaar bowled with some nip and dash making batting difficult for our hosts though some big straight drives from Strollers’ skipper G Brown got the scoreboard moving.  Fakenham took over from Chirag at the Ally Pally end and bowled superbly, taking the first 2 wickets to fall for 5 runs in 5 overs – including Brown for 25.  A quality performance as the Strollers are blessed with a number of useful batsmen.  The skipper replaced Sagaar at the Pavilion End and presented a few problems for the batsmen though was slightly below his usual self, having played cricket on Friday and tennis on Saturday, with two Olympian drinking sessions in the evenings of both days.  Jim replaced Fakenham and the Strollers upped the tempo until Jim sent down a jaffa to claim Cowdrey’s wicket (42).  Always looks good to have a Cowdrey in your bag.  I fondly remember scoring the winning runs whilst batting with Sutcliffe a few years ago.  So what if it’s not Colin and Herbert, it still evokes the history of the game.  Where was I … oh yes back at the pitch Morgan was accelerating his innings, passing 50 as our part-time bowlers started to get some stick.  Jeremy applied the brakes by bowling Betis for 16 and Richard got a run out off his first delivery (that’s what I bowl for) and later stopped a full blooded drive with his big toe (which is now 50% bigger than usual and a spectacular purple hue).  So bemused was Jim watching Richard bowl, Louis aimed a long shot at his poor old man’s head to keep him awake.  Surprisingly the throw was (almost literally) deadly accurate, enough Gardeners shouting “LOOK OUT JIM!” in time for our number 1 tweaker to put his arm up to save his skull.  Nasty bump on his arm required ice.  Jim figured best to have the G&T that went with it before returning to the fray.  Dave 2-Bats Hollingsworth came on and the ball was flying to all parts of the ground.  Our skipper wisely sussed exactly where to place the field and the bold move of giving 2-Bats a second over worked well: 2-Wickets!  Both caught in fine style in the deep by the Whitley Bay Champion, including that of top scorer Morgan for a high class 80.  Paul and Adam also chipped in with a wicket apiece as the 35 overs finished with a daunting score having been posted.  Must also mention that Paul’s wicket came from a brilliant catch at deep mid on by Adam.

Strollers   262 for 9   in 35 overs
Sturm   b Fakenham   2
G Brown   b Fakenham   25
Cowdrey   b J Monahan   42
Morgan   c Stead b Hollingsworth   80
Betis   b Gostick   16
Richardson   run out   5
Holmes   c Wood b Brasted   18
Bowstead   b Wood   11
Connell   c Stead b Hollingsworth   12
M Brown   not out   3
Kemp   not out   0
Extras   45

SGCC Bowling
Chirag Patel   1 over   0 maidens   2 runs   0 wickets
Sagaar Mayani   4 – 0 – 33 – 0
Lord Fakenham   5 – 3 – 5 – 2
David Stead   6 – 0 – 28 – 0
Jim Monahan   4 – 0 – 37 – 1
Adam Wood   4 – 0 – 43 – 1
Jeremy Gostick   4 – 0 – 27 – 1
Richard Higginbottom   3 – 0 – 22 – 0
David Hollingsworth   2 – 0 – 28 – 2
Paul Brasted   2 – 0 – 24 – 2

A visiting American film crew were making a documentary – working title “Knights in White Flannels” – we hope to include some footage in due course.  Sagaar reckons he can get a Bollywood crew in next time.  So long as Shilpa Shetty is featuring, bring it on.  The Norfolk pair of Fakenham and Richard opened the batting, the baronet scoring a couple of boundaries then being caught.  Louis came in and Richard advised him that Connell at the pavilion end was moving the ball away.  “What’s that?” enquired Louis – Richard used hand signals to impart the info – “Oh that’s fine”.  Louis then crunched a superb Extra Cover drive off Holmes at the other end, and the very next ball was bowled trying to lift the ball into Alexandra Park (about a mile away up the hill).  The skipper joined Richard and together put on 71, Dave executing some well-timed pulls, Richard scoring boundaries with square cuts and straight drives.  Both perished trying to up the scoring rate, Dave wiping across a good length ball from G Brown – stumped for 25, Richard being skittled by H Brown trying to repeat his earlier lofted straight drive off the same bowler for 45.  2-Bats played the dead-bat foil to Jeff’s “persuader” innings for a while until Jeff was caught for 21.  The Strollers skipper pulled the field in saying that Dave H “hasn’t hit the ball off the square yet”.  Dave is a very calm and pleasant man and gave me the impression he hadn’t heard this insult.  He then proved he had, belting a one-bounce four over wide mid-on then a sublime straight six a couple of balls later.  The wickets were disappearing at the other end as Sagaar, Jim and Jeremy made 4, 6 and 0 respectively.  Dave was then out for 30 and our resistance was ended when Paul was bowled, leaving Adam 0 not out.  The crescendo was all too much for Richard who fell over backwards whilst umpiring.  Hope that wasn’t caught on camera.

SGCC   175 all out   off 34.1 overs   lost by 87 runs
Richard Higginbottom   b H Brown   45
Lord Fakenham   c Richardson b Holmes   8
Louis Monahan   b Holmes   5
David Stead   st Cowdrey b G Brown   25
David Hollingsworth   b Morgan   30
Jeff Round   c Holmes b G Brown   21
Sagaar Mayani   b Holmes   4
Jim Monahan   lbw Richardson   6
Paul Brasted   b Connell   2
Jeremy Gostick   st Cowdrey b Richardson   0
Adam Wood   not out   0
Extras   29

Strollers Bowling
Connell   5.1 – 0 – 19 – 1
Holmes   7 – 0 – 45 – 3
H Brown   6 – 1 – 27 – 1
Kemp   2 – 0 – 21 – 0
G Brown   6 – 0 – 19 – 2
Bowstead   5 – 0 – 21 – 0
Morgan   1 – 0 – 9 – 1
Richardson   1 – 0 – 3 – 2

1 Response to Strollers 12 Sept

  1. Adam3of7 says:

    Richard’s description of his innings is rather modest. There was some superb work against a hostile opener who’s name was Easinow, at least that’s what the Stroller’s chorused every time he fielded the ball! Well batted Higgers.

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