LICS 5 August

By ‘eck it’s August already and here come Jeff’s old muckers from what Lancastrian Nick Duckett terms the “wrong side” of the Pennines.  We met on a lovely evening in Regents Park where we formed an unusual Gardeners Unit of three Tasmanians (well done Mick for bringing your old schoolmates along) and Richard brought a couple of pals from work in.  I don’t know whether Nick won or lost the toss as it was a long ride with the trailer full of kit from Canary Wharf, but in any case we batted first.  Lord Fakenham and Jim Monahan opened and stroked the ball around well, His Lordship hitting the ball into the long field and running a single (he didn’t realise the grass was so long).  The baronet holed out for 6 then Jim gave a sharp return catch that was well held by Jimmy Muldoon.  Vronsky Wik made his debut, the Reuters man playing and missing often early on.  “What have we got here?” enquired some of the Gardeners … Richard replied that Vronsky would soon be smashing the ball to the boundary (having first crossed his fingers).  For once the Norfolk exile was right as Vron powered the ball all around the park, retiring on 27.  Dave Stead similarly took a little while to find his range, then opened up well until he was informed “you’re on 24” at which point he hit a straight six and retired.  Impressive.  Richard couldn’t believe how well the ball was coming off his bat.  It felt so good.  So unsurprising he got out to the first ball he didn’t middle for only 7.  What a waste.  Richo held the innings together with an unbeaten 20 as Mick blasted 20 and then the rest fell trying to hit the cover off every delivery.  Nick held up proceedings by arriving at the wicket without his pads on.  “Forgotten something?” someone cried from the boundary.  So if you hear someone shouting “No-Pads” you’ll now know who we are referring to.  Dave 2-Bats Hollingsworth has some company.

SGCC   148 for 9   off 20 overs
Lord Fakenham   c xxx b Gaw   6
Jim Monahan   c&b Muldoon   8
Vronsky Wik   not out   33
David Stead   retired   30
Richard Higginbottom   c Williamson b Wheatley   7
James Richardson   not out   20
Mick Campbell   b Ford   20
Nick Duckett   b Williamson   2
Manu Balasunderam   c xxx b Williamson   4
Paul Brasted   run out   0
Andrew Kleinig   b Gaw   0
Extras   18

A quick turnaround to ensure there was light left at the end of the game.  Nick tossed the ball to Jim who bowled a controlled spell and together with Dave reduced LICS to 40 for 4, 3 to Dave and 1 to Jim.  Dave took his last 2 wickets with balls 5 and 6 of his 2nd over.  “Take a breather” said Nick.  “I wouldn’t take him off on a hat trick ball if I were you” someone carefully advised.  Nick swiftly changed his decision and Dave bowled a Wide with the first ball of his third over.  Fair play No-Pads he was obviously on top of the situation.  Manu bowled some elegant left arm spin and was unlucky not to take a wicket.  Richo bowled some good steady stuff and took a wicket.  Kleino bowled superbly well, beating Jeff with two stunning balls; our Canadian has been in great form this year and even he couldn’t get a bat anywhere near.  Andrew/Jack/Paul got a wicket for his efforts, Dave taking a neat catch.  Paul bowled amazingly accurately “the mercury was rising” he observed, ousting Williamson to get us onto the home straight as Fakenham came on and beat Steve with a plumb lbw.   Mick then chased, turned and lasered in a superb throw by the stumps to enable Richard to complete the run out of LICS skipper Paul to end the game.  Great performance by the Gardeners including a Collingwood-like contribution from Mick Campbell with 3 catches and that run-out.

LICS   92 all out   in 16 overs
Ford   b Stead   7 
Dave K   ct M Campbell b J Monahan   10
Gaw   b Stead   4
Muldoon   b Richardson   19
Lyne   c M Campbell b Stead   0
Wheatley   run out (M Campbell)   27
Prog   c Stead b Kleinig   5
Williamson   c M Campbell b Brasted   0
Round   not out   7
Jo   b M Campbell   0
Steve   lbw Fakenham   0
Extras   13

Jim Monahan   2-0-16-1
David Stead   3-0-22-3
Manu Balasunderam   2-0-11-0
James Richardson   2-0-14-1
Andrew Kleining   3-0-14-1
Paul Brasted   2-0-10-1
Mick Campbell   1-0-1-1
Lord Fakenham   1-0-4-1

Some drinks at The Engineer in Primrose Hill afterwards.  Jim realised that the change of ownership and big step up in prosperity on Primrose Hill since he used to deliver papers around there as a boy meant that 4 drinks came to considerably more than 7/6.  A good night and I’m not too sure how I navigated my bike and trailer back across to Regents Park for the midnight train.


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