LICS 7 August

Up to Parliament Hill for the second game of the LICS visit.  “Go easy on us” said LICS skipper Paul as he won the toss and elected to bat.  “We don’t always play as well as we did on Friday” answered Richard.  In retrospect, that was a bit too accurate …

Into battle and Jeff played a very solid knock, easing into the 20s as Fakenham removed Dave lbw for 12 then Chris rearranged Gaw’s woodwork for 8.  His Lordship then produced a delightful outswinger that Jeff edged straight to slip who unfortunately was thinking about who next to bring on to bowl rather than taking the catch.  Not much of an example that, skipper!  Jim removed the menacing Ford for 7, also lbw.  Then Jeff and his captain Paul accelerated along until Jeff retired on 50.  Jim then induced a catch to midwicket, taken with ease by Jeremy to remove Lyne for 4.  Paul and Matt put some runs together until Mick took a brilliant diving catch off a full blooded drive by Paul to provide Ashley Peck with his first SGCC wicket.  Ashley’s brother Mitchell – not to be outdone – executed a superb run out to remove Muldoon and then Ashley got back ahead by bowling Steve for 0 and Jo for 1.  Jeff came back in but Mick cleaned up, bowling Matt and the returning Jeff to result in a useful total in an innings reduced to 30 overs because of a number of showers.

LICS   158 all out   off 29.4 overs
Round   b M Campbell   52
Dave   lbw Fakenham   12
Gaw   b Packham   8
Ford   lbw J Monahan   7
Wheatley   c M Campbell by A Peck   25
Lyne   c Gostick b J Monahan   4
Matt   b M Campbell   19
Muldoon   run out (M Peck)   0
Steve   b A Peck   0
Williamson   not out   5
Jo   b A Peck   1
Extras   25

Lord Fakenham   7-0-34-1
Packham   4-0-19-1
J Monahan   6-1-17-2
M Peck   3-0-19-0
A Peck   5-0-24-3
M Campbell   4.4-0-26-2

After a delightful tea it was time to get chasing the runs.  Richard decided to have a bit of a change in the order and Fakenham rose to the challenge, striking some lovely blows.  Chris was unlucky at the other end – both he and the square leg umpire noticed the ball had gone down into the ground immediately after hitting the bat – but no-one else realised and off he trudged.  On came Jimmy Muldoon and he bowled a long-hop … an off-side wide … a beamer … oh, and four of the most beautiful inswinging yorkers you will ever see, accounting for Fakenham (17), Paul D (2), Jim M (0) and Mick (0) in a devastating spell of 4 for 24 in just three overs.  Mitchell Peck opened up … bang! bang! bang!  Wickets were tumbling at the other end but Mitchell kept on like a flail, scattering fielders, spectators, birds, hedgehogs and squirrels as he slammed fours and sixes.  Ashley supported for 7 but Amardeep and Paul B couldn’t resist much.  Richard arrived at the end and said “keep going I’m not going to get out” (yeah heard that before!).  Mitchell replied “it’s the only way I know how to play” and clobbered a huge six off Andy Gaw.  “That was one of my better deliveries” mused the phlegmatic yorkshireman.  And duly bowled a similar delivery that skittled Mitchell for a majestic 60, LICS getting their revenge for Friday night.

SGCC   129 all out   in 29.4 overs
Lord Fakenham   b Muldoon   17
Chris Packham   c Muldoon b Ford   0
Paul Dipple   b Muldoon   2
Jim Monahan   b Muldoon   0
Jeremy Gostick   c Round b Williamson   2
Mitchell Peck   b Gaw   60
Mick Campbell   b Muldoon   0
Ashley Peck   b Wheatley   7
Amardeep Jamu   c Wheatley b Matt   1
Paul Brasted   b Ford   1
Richard Higginbottom   not out   6
Extras   33

LICS Bowling
Gaw   5.1-0-28-1
Ford   5-1-10-2
Muldoon   3-0-24-4
Wheatley   3-0-19-1
Williamson   2-0-21-1
Matt   2-0-15-1

LICS van wouldn’t start after the game.  Very sad.  Looking forward to repeating the weekend next year.  You’ve got 11.5 months to get a decent minibus.


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