Jesus College LV 17 July

Our second visit of the season to Jesus College to play the Long Vacation team.  Following last year’s dastardly acts by which we forced a win from a losing position (more of that later) it seemed Mother Nature was wreaking vengeance, the heavy rain causing a delay of 90 minutes to the start time, forcing the skippers to agree on a 25 over game.

A pair of scary dinosaurs - T-Rex and 2-Batsaurus

Mounds of sawdust were applied to the bowlers footholds at both ends and Richard decided that the two worthy campaigners most likely to stay upright and deliver some quality in these conditions would be the “old firm” of Chris and Lord Fakenham.  For once the Old Dyssean was right as Chris bowled an immaculate maiden to commence proceedings.  Fakenham then topped this by inducing a top edged pull from Wilkinson in the next over, Chris continuing his impressive start by neatly taking the catch.  Who’s this approaching the wicket?  None other than Malcolm Birks, this time playing for the home side.  In Chris’ second over – a perfect line and length – thump into the pad of Malcolm’s forward defensive stroke – “How was that?” enquired the Kentish seamer; after careful consideration Amardeep pointed skywards.  A marginal decision?  A spoiler for the show?  In any case I felt like the man who shot Bambi’s mother for a few minutes.  Was this partly the cause for the now-becoming-traditional inability to get a swift third wicket?  We’ve suffered 3rd wicket stands of over 50 by most teams we’ve played this season and today was no exception as Fakenham’s few loose deliveries were invariably dispatched to the boundary by the hard hitting number 4 Lee.  Chris was incredibly miserly, completing his 5 over spell for just 12 runs.  The King Of Spin and the Tasmanian Devil took over, both taking a couple of overs to find the right line and length as Jesus continued to prosper.  In Jim’s third over a perfect delivery foxed Lee who was trapped on the back foot in front of middle stump for a belligerent 39.  At the other end Mick was now tying down the batsmen and Jim struck again, a top edged sweep going straight up in the air and being caught by stumper Jeff despite 2-Bats calling for it.  Opener Adam Celiz out for an elegant 32.  Dave sensibly backed off as Jeff had already given him a beauty of a bruise on his ribs as Dave unwittingly blocked one of Jeff’s practice strikes in the nets earlier.  From 72 for 2 it was now 77 for 4.  Dave Stead took over from Mick and his carefully laid plans drawn up during a boring 3 hour long meeting at Christie’s earlier in the week (I’ve been in a few of those) immediately bore fruit as Warren Celiz skied one straight over the bowler’s head that was falling in between Dave, Mick and Tom – who stepped in confidently shouting “Tom’s!” and unsurprisingly took it with consummate ease.  Then … some more expert fielding – a top edged sweep off Jim fell just short of Mick – who fielded with smooth precision, scooping the ball up and scored a run-out with a direct hit.  Dave continued to keep it tight and Richard brought on the Wrecking Ball – a.k.a. Toby Frow, whose form is hotter than a News International stationery incinerator at the moment.  In Toby’s second over Richard decided to save Steadley a walk by stationing him at shortish 3rd Man instead of Fine Leg.  Immediately a flying top edge went straight to the Whitley Bay Champion causing the skipper to proclaim his own genius.  No-one disputed this – but that was only because I hadn’t yet announced the batting order.  Two balls later and a top edged pull was held by Tom at MidWicket – again making it look much easier than it was.  Then Toby produced a perfect yorker to oust A Parks.  So, one over left, one wicket to claim.  There was only one choice to bowl it – the ultimate “Death” bowler, Doosra Duckett.  A super first delivery.  A wide.  A four.  More variety than the Music Halls that Nick used to frequent as a young man ever offered.  Then a floated teaser that David Wilson tried to rearrange the HareBell statue at MidWicket with, only to glove up for the simplest of catches to Jeff.  A great bowling and fielding effort by Salmagundi.

Jesus College   116 all out   in 24.3 overs
Wilkinson   c Packham b Fakenham   0
A Celiz   c Round b J Monahan   32
Birks   lbw Packham   0
Lee   lbw J Monahan   39
Hindson  run out (M Campbell)   2
T Parks   c T Monahan b Frow   15
W Celiz   c T Monahan b Stead   9
Loxam   c Stead b Frow   6
A Parks   b Frow   0
Wilson   c Round b Duckett   5
G Parks   not out   2
Extras   8

SGCC Bowling
Chris Packham   5 – 1 – 12 – 1
Lord Fakenham   5 -0 – 32 – 1
Jim Monahan   5 – 0 – 29 – 2
Mick Campbell   4 – 0 – 19 – 0
David Stead   3 – 0 – 11 – 1
Toby Frow   2 – 0 – 5 – 3
Nick Duckett   0.3 – 0 – 5 – 1

Tea was of course delightful.  Someone suggested we down the feast with no delay and return to the field as several threatening clouds were gathering.  Home skipper Geoff advised that the cricket was incidental to the tea and we would do no such thing.  Now that’s what I call a gentleman.

So after a healthy repast, Richard and Dave S headed out to open – and both offered catching practice very early – Dave giving an opportunity that any other keeper than Malcolm would not have got close to, our “loanee” not quite hanging on as the ball headed wider than where 1st slip would have been.  Richard hit a good square cut then tamely lofted to Cover and was walking back to the pavilion as the fielder dropped the ball at ankle height.  Next over the skipper hit one not-quite-over point and a great effort by Lee did not quite get him out.  Richard hit another four then played a brainless slog over Loxam’s first ball for 9.  Jeff came in and has been in great form recently.  I missed the three chances he gave as I was taking my time in the shower, my superstition being that a wicket wouldn’t fall while I wasn’t watching.  Amazingly I was right but when I took over the umpire’s coat from Nick, Jeff informed me that he was living a charmed life.  Not while I watched though as Jeff opened up and played an array of powerful strokes, keeping pace as Dave compiled a trademark stylish and untroubled batting display.

Dave shows his trademark style. More Primark than Armani ....

Jeff finally perished injudiciously attempting to turn an easy single into a scampered two.  Dave H came in and nudged neatly along to assist the vice captain to completing the victory.

Salmagundi Gardeners   117 for 2   in 22.2 overs
Richard Higginbottom   b Loxam   9
David Stead   not out   47
Jeff Round   run out   35
David Hollingsworth   not out   7
Tom Monahan, Toby Frow, Mick Campbell, Jim Monahan,
Nick Duckett, Lord Fakenham and Chris Packham did not bat
Extras   19

JCLV Bowling
W Celiz   5 – 1 – 17 – 0
A Parks   5 – 1 – 20 – 0
Loxam   5 – 0 – 22 – 1
Wilson   5 – 0 – 27 – 0
Hindson   1 – 0 – 16 – 0
A Celiz   1 – 0 – 10 – 0
G Parks   0.2 – 0 – 2 – 0

After the game we were delighted to present Tom Monahan with Phil Sessions’ Big Hit award for his sensational game-changing run-out in the corresponding fixture last season.  A more detailed summary of this with some photographs will be added to the Big Hit section of the website in due course.  Well played Tom.  Well done Salmagundi.

Salmagundi Gardeners won by 8 wickets.

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    That ventilation is honestly trusty! Than malcolm would have been in the show in the corresponding fixture last season and 2 extras 8 wickets share this time in the shower my superstition being that s what i wasn t rex… . We are making a short film about this. watch trailer here:

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