Goodenough College 26 June

Cruising down the A1 in my car, swing down Finchley Way, right on Ansells Avenue, cross the North Circular, left down Temple Fortune Lane … ah the familiar drive to Parliament Hill on a blistering hot Sunday was going very well.  I should have known – 30 minutes stationary as some muppet decided it was a good idea to close South End Road.  So I arrived sweating like a lump of cheese in a grocer’s window at the ground with the kit bag and the cakes.  Of course, I lost the toss and we were put into the field in 30 degrees of heat (that’s well over 80 in old money).  Time for a huddle – no don’t get too close – 3 0ver spells, frequent field rotation, and these boys are good so hold onto your catches.  Jim Campbell opened with a tidy over from the tennis courts end.  Chris Packham got belted back over his head first ball.  Then produced a beauty to get the batsman to offer a simple catch to the captain at mid-off, who heeding his own advice of course dropped it.  That was at 2.20pm on Sunday afternoon.  I’m writing this at 10.45pm on Monday night and I’ve been thinking about it and a later incident ever since …

So, the overs went past – Jim and Chris very tidy in their opening salvos, then Lord Fakenham constantly beating the bat, Paul producing the usual mercurial mix … but we couldn’t get a breakthrough and it was becoming a bit of a hard toil.  Another double change saw Tom come into the attack and after a shaky first over he got some good deliveries down.  Adam at last got our breakthrough – Sidd holing out to Jim C at midwicket – who made the catch look easier than it was (as he always does).  Someone said “1 brings 2” (probably Jeff) and hooray! he was right, Mehil smoking the one untidy ball of the returning Chris’ over straight at the young Tasmanian – now that didn’t look so easy – but Jim hung on superbly.  Chris continued plugging away and a genuinely good ball had Salman playing too early, sending up a catch that (you guessed it) Jim had to make a lot of ground to get to, earning the nickname “Velcroman” for the afternoon.  Time for Dave H to come into the attack.  Omar’s eyes lit up as if Christmas (no that should probably be Ede) had come early and he lashed a few deliveries out into the shrubbery at the Lido side.  Then Dave got a perfect length and bowled Omar for 27.  Phew!  Tom came back on and claimed Asokq’s wicket for 4 and we were looking competitive.  Then Jehaizeb and Akbar clubbed us around to take the score into improbable territory, Jim C at last returning to complete his spell, grab Jehaizeb’s wicket with a fine slip catch by debutant Mark Buttle.  Mountain to climb in the mid-afternoon Sun.

Goodenough   258 for 6 off 35 overs
Mehil   c J Campbell b Packham   55
Sidd   c J Campbell b Wood   50
Salman   c J Campbell b Packham   14
Omar   b Hollingsworth   27
Asokq   lbw T Monahan   4
Akbar   not out   26
Jehaizeb   c Buttle b J Campbell   52
Adam   not out   2

SGCC Bowling
Jim Campbell   7 – 1 – 29 – 1
Chris Packham   7 – 0 – 36 – 2
Lord Fakenham   7 – 0 – 34 – 0
Paul Brasted   5 – 0 – 39 – 0
Tom Monahan   5 – 0 – 51 – 1
Adam Wood   3 – 0 – 30 – 1
David Hollingsworth   2 – 0 – 20 – 1

Excellent combined effort for tea by Jeff, Paul, Dave H, Adam and Butterfingers.  Fakenham and Richard opened the reply against some good accurate bowling.  Richard punched a cover drive and essayed a delightful leg glance (both fours) and was starting to settle when Fakenham played what Geoff Boycott calls a “lollipop” shot into the off side and stood watching it drop between two fielders.  Instead of running, he jogged a little way then sent Richard back.  Richard turns at about the same rate as the Queen Elizabeth so was run out – though quite narrowly, proving that there was a run there.  I won’t put into print what I said.  Several times.  And very loudly.  Fakenham was shortly after bowled by Azim.  Umpire Adam advised his lordship to “stay out here and take my place if I were you”.  Tom added 3 before going exactly the same way as Fakenham.  Dave H failed to trouble the scorers, Azim getting him lbw.  Jim played over/around a yorker from Jordan and we were in deep trouble.  Jeff played resolutely, keeping the baying hoardes out on his own as Amardeep and Mark joined the Club de Canards.  Chris played much better than his 2 runs suggests, supporting Jeff well for over 6 overs before he was stumped in a rather unorthodox fashion (I don’t have the energy to describe how).  Adam and Paul added over 20 for the final wicket to at least give us some respectability before Paul was out lbw (sorry, it was plumb) to Salman to end our Sunday Roasting.

SGCC   89 all out in 24.4 overs   lost by 169 runs
Richard Higginbottom   run out   10
Lord Fakenham   b Azim   2
Tom Monahan   b Azim   3
David Hollingsworth   lbw Azim   0
Jim Campbell   b Jordan   1
Jeff Round   c Mehul b Ayam   18
Amardeep Jamu   run out   0
Mark Buttle   b Azim   0
Chris Packham  st Mehul b Riz   2
Adam Wood   not out   11
Paul Brasted   lbw Salman   8

Goodenough bowling
Jordan   5 – 0 – 11 – 1
Azim   5 – 0 – 9 – 4
Riz   5 – 0 – 15 – 1
Ayam   5 – 0 – 24 – 1
Jehaizeb   2 – 0 – 7 – 0
Omar   2 – 0 – 8 – 0
Salman   0.4 – 0 – 2 – 1

Ardington next Saturday.  We’ve only got 9 players so far.  Let’s hope we’re inspired by the countryside.

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