Whippets 30 June

Stuck in an interminable presentation by Thomson Reuters’ Finance Director – a man who never uses 3 words when 75 will do.  Ramble ramble bore bore …come on I’m going to be late.  At last it’s Q&A time.  RH: “Do you support the Wellbeing initiative for activity outside work?”  I cut him off at “Yes” by grabbing the kit bag and saying “good I’m the company cricket captain and we’ve got a match tonight – cheers!”.  It got a good laugh.  Just waiting for my P45 to arrive through the internal mail.

So we gathered at Chiswick to play those frightfully powerful fellows the Whippets.  We bolstered our team with cricketing mercenary Roger (actually slightly unfair he does it for love not money) and I cajoled Edi and Sachin from TR to turn out for us (thanks guys).

Whippets won the toss and went into bat.  Strong start from ex-monk Warwick who despite renouncing his vows many years ago still calls everyone “brother”.  Though I did actually get called “friend” and “dude” so he’s extending his vocabulary.  The Whippets lent us Ash who bowled quickly and our hapless keeper when he eventually got his hands on one jarred his thumb.  Teflon Boy!  Brother Warwick carved an aerial four behind Point and Sachin positioned himself for a repeat shot – which happened, the demon leg spinner taking an accomplished catch to get us going in the wickets column.  Roger replaced Ash and produced prodigious inswing, getting Wratten to sky one to Cover where 2-Bats made a steepling catch look simple.  Shortly after some confusion led to Tom and Roger executing a simple run-out and we were looking good.  Babor fell shortly afterwards to an almost carbon copy of the Wratten dismissal, 2-Bats becoming 2-Catch.  Lindsay and Steve looked solid despite some excellent bowling by Sachin and then Edi.  Magic Man Maris then presented Dave with his third catch – again a skier to cover from a good length balll swinging and inducing a mishit.  Edi kept up the pressure, bowling Oppe for 9 whilst Ash came back to claim 2 wickets (one of them Dave’s fourth catch) to complete a creditable display in the field.

Whippets 116 for 7 off 20 overs
Warwick c Randunne b Fakenham 21
Wratten c Hollingsworth b McCann 11
Hintey run out 4
Lindsay c Hollingsworth b Maris 16
Babor c Hollingsworth b McCann 5
Steve c Hollingsworth b Homewood 30
Oppe b Maris 9
Hay b Homewood 1
Thickett not out 8
Extras 11

SGCC Bowling Overs-Maidens-Runs-Wickets
Ash Homewood   4 – 0 – 24 – 2
Lord Fakenham   4 – 0 – 27 – 1
Roger McCann   4 – 1 – 14 – 2
Sachin Randunne   4 – 0 – 21 – 0
Edi Maris   4 – 0 – 26 – 2

Roger and Dave headed out to the middle to commence the reply.  Dave hit a classy on-drive for 4 and then got out, showing a sense of balance – 4 catches, 4 runs.  Roger dealt with the accurate bowling of the Whippets openers with great calmness, a run-out of Ash denying him his first runs did not appear to faze the Ulsterman at all.  Tom joined Roger and together they played a model partnership – respecting the several challenging deliveries and almost invariably taking advantage of anything loose.  Roger’s highlights were a ringing square cut, six from an on-drive and a remarkable straight four that fizzed off the bat with no backlift or effort – all timing.  Tom ran brilliantly and played some deft cuts and powerful drives, eventually being bowled by Lindsay for 32.  Roger shortly after reach his 50 and retired.  Edi stood and watched Nick come and go (also bowled Lindsay) before combining with Paul to see us home.  The end came in spectacular fashion, Edi pulling 3 successive balls to the midwicket boundary – with more than two overs to spare.  “I’m getting so old that’s now what I call a night on the pull” quipped the Stoke Newington Star.

SGCC 118 for 5 off 17.4 overs
David Hollingsworth b Thickett 4
Roger McCann retired 50
Ash Homewood run out 0
Tom Monahan b Lindsay 32
Edi Maris not out 17
Nick Duckett b Lindsay 0
Paul Brasted not out 3
Extras 12

Whippets Bowling Overs-Maidens-Runs-Wickets
Thickett   4 – 0 – 22 – 1
Hintey   4 – 1 – 14 – 0
Lindsay   4 – 0 – 22 – 2
Babor   2 – 0 – 21 – 0
Hay   2.4 – 0 – 33 – 0
Wratten   1 – 0 – 7 – 0

Great ground, quality hosts, good game of cricket.  Good pub (the City Barge) afterwards too where 2-Bats/4-Catch continued his theme of 4s by sinking 4 pints, chatting up 4 women, throwing stones at 4 dogs and telling us his favourite album is Foreigner 4 (he does like his soft rock).


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