London Transport 15 May

The dry weather continued though the temperature was Spring-like as we gathered at Parliament Hill for the 1.30pm start suggested by LT.  Our visitors were nowhere to be seen but then 3 turned up at once.  Was this spookily stereotypical or perhaps the dog show in the adjacent park had unnerved them.

Richard for once called correctly and opted to bat.  He then realised that Tom wasn’t there so swiftly changed the intended batting order to promote himself to open with Jeremy, Tom dropping to number 6.  Richard then showed how ill prepared he was by hardly laying a bat on anything to some admittedly good bowling by Ram and Jonathan.  Jeremy looked rather more comfortable but then didn’t quite middle a lofted drive and perished for 3.  Lord Fakenham decided to up the scoring rate and chased after a wide half volley, snicking it into the keepers gloves.  Nick played a deft shot off his legs before Richard advised him to simply keep out Ram – who gave Nick a pearler of a ball that clipped his off stump straight after.  Richard finally middled a square drive for 4 and feeling duly calmed lamely poked the ball to Cover.  Richard had just got to the bench and hadn’t unstrapped his pads when Tom was also on his way back.  25-5 and the Campbell Brothers – who we rely too heavily on – were yet again needing to shore us up.  Jim and Mick added 31 without looking troubled until Mick was caught.  Peter replaced Mick and put on 16 with Jim until the latter did his impersonation of David Gower, letting a straight ball go and having his off stump knocked back.  As much as Gower is remembered for the most delightfully rounded and timed strokes, he also had a penchant for keeping the slips in the game and for rewarding a bowler who got one on off stump by shouldering arms.  Peter kept going, very well supported by Paul and together they took the score to 101 before Peter was stumped for 28 trying to plunder runs off demon spinner Vijay.  Adam then came in and smote a beautiful straight drive back at the bowler… who could only get one finger to it … which deflected onto the non-striker’s stumps running out an outrageously unlucky Paul for 11.  Sickening.  Will misheard Richard’s claim that ‘we bat down to number 11’ by getting a duck.  Oh well we’d just have to bowl and field like heroes.

SGCC 107 all out
Richard Higginbottom   c Suresh b Jonathan 4
Jeremy Gostick   c Vijay b Ram 3
Lord Fakenham   c Sandeep by Jonathan 0
Nick Duckett   b Ram 1
Jim Campbell   b Suresh 26
Tom Monahan   b Suresh 0
Mick Campbell   c Ian b Anjay 16
Peter Lee   st Sandeep b Vijay 28
Paul Brasted   run out 11
Adam Wood   not out 0
Will Towers   ct Sandeep b Sri 0

LT Bowling
Ram   5 overs – 2 maidens – 10 runs – 2 wickets
Jonathan   5 – 0 – 14 – 2
Suresh   7 – 0 – 29 – 2
Anjay   3 – 0 – 25 – 1
Vijay   6 – 0 – 15 – 1
Sri   3 – 2 – 6 – 1

Tea was at least a triumph, the sandwiches being consumed swiftly and the Victoria Sponge, Fruitcake and Cookies getting top marks.

Into the field and it was clear from the outset that these boys wanted to get home before the overnight engineering works started.  Vijay got a flying edge of Jim for 4 that went like a bullet, but then proceeded to knock us all around the park, though both Jim and Mick were bowling fine.  Sandeep was equally adventurous but was too ambitious in trying to belt the cover off one of Mick’s off-stump deliveries, the Tasmanian claiming our first wicket.  Tony at 3 was finding Jim and Mick hot to handle and Mick got one to balloon up off his glove.  Who’d get there first?  Adam was just a bit too far away at Point.  Will was contemplating a new aria.  So Paul set off from behind the stumps but then stopped as he realised the ball would hit the deck before he could make it.  Sure enough, the ball came to earth and apologetically rolled back into the stumps to give Mick one of his more unusual bowled victims.  50 for 0 had become 55 for 2.  A chink of light?  Not quite.  Visiting captain Sri joined Vijay in trying to clobber everything and as Will and Peter took over the bowling the leather chasing was becoming serious.  Richard’s cap looked like a camouflage beret towards the end so often had he visited the bushes on the Lido side of the ground.  Peter produced a sublime yorker to remove Sri but it was too late and we succumbed by 7 wickets with far too much time to spare.  Better effort next time please!

London Transport 109 for 3
Vijay   not out 53
Sandeep  b Mick Campbell 12
Tony   b Mick Campbell 1
Sri   b Lee 19
Senthil   not out  8

SGCC Bowling
Jim Campbell   5 overs – 0 maidens – 28 runs – 0 wickets
Mick Campbell   5 – 0 – 34 – 2
Will Towers   2 – 0 – 27 – 0
Peter Lee   1.4 – 0 – 20 – 1


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