Sunday Times 29 May

Report by Mr Rhythm ‘n’ Blues

A good-looking Gardeners side ventured down south in their annual foray to the wilds ofWest Dulwichon a bright Sunday afternoon. Jim made a special point of informing the team that it would be a 1.30 start so it was no surprise that the Monahan trio were last to arrive. Nick won the toss and opted to bat sending Roger and Dave out as openers in an agreed 40 overs contest.

An opening partnership of 79 was ended when Roger was bowled for 33 by Claydermann. 2-Bats was scoring freely, punishing any loose balls and it wasn’t long before he reached a well-deserved fifty off just 43 balls with 11 boundaries. He was eventually trapped lbw for 56; this after Lord Fakenham’s illustrious twin brother Gaylord had holed out for a second consecutive duck.

Henry’s time in Japan was evidently well spent and the baseball skills he picked up there were put to good use.  At 98 for 3, he and Seorais were at the wicket together and for the next 20 overs, they punished an increasingly competent but ultimately frustrated bowling attack with a stand of 130, both reaching fifties.

SG 1st Innings 239/5 Closed (Overs 40)
Roger McCann+   b Richard Claydermann   33
David Hollingsworth   lbw b Richard Claydermann   56
Lord Fakenham   c Russel Herneman   b Richard Clayderman   0
Seorais Graham   b Chris Beckett   55
Henry Monahan   c Richard Claydermann b Chris Beckett   65
Tom Monahan   not out   9
Adam Wood   not out   1
Nick Duckett*,  Jim Monahan, Chris Packham and Amardeep Jamu did not bat
Extras     (b8 lb7 w3 nb2)   20

After the break, Chris bowled beautifully with 5 tidy overs in his 1st spell. The Hacks lost their opener Herneman to the Monahan dream team, ct Henry, b Jim but bats 2 & 3 began to push the score along a bit until Spall and Richards were both run out to more Monahan magic from Tom and Henry. Without a regular wicket keeper on board, Roger took the gloves but with Murdoch’s Men looking quite dangerous at 100 for 3, Seorais took over behind the stumps allowing Roger to come on and bowl his most devastating spell yet for the Gardeners with 4 wickets for 28 off 8 overs. Gaylord was dispatched to the bar and Fakenham took over the bowling duties with a parsimonious 33 off 8 overs. The part time bowlers came on and the Pressmen
piled on a bit of pressure taking the score to 163 for 8. A forty run partnership between Padgett and Claydermann was broken by Henry taking a third superb catch off Nick. Who was it heard muttering ‘You toil away for 8 overs with no joy then some wanker strolls along, tosses it up for a few balls and gets a wicket.’ The Monahan double act finished off the men from Wapping, with the East German piano man out ct Henry, b Jim for a dangerous 37.

Extras were kept to a minimum and a tidy afternoon in the field was capped by exemplary performances behind the stumps with just one bye conceded.

Sunday Times
Russel Herneman   c H Monahan b J Monahan    2
Mike Richards+   run out   62
Leo Spall   run out   34
Nevil Smith   c H Monahan b R McCann   8
Leon Watson   st S Graham b R McCann   21
Chris Beckett   b R McCann   5
Greg Struthers*   b R McCann    0
Josh Fagan   c&b T Monahan   2
Marc Padgett   c H Monahan b N Duckett   16
Richard Claydermann   c H Monahan b J Monahan    37
Chris Beckett   not out   2
Extras   (b1 lb2 w7 nb0)   10
TOTAL                        10 wickets for 199                 

SG Bowling
J Monahan   7.2   –   0  –   44   –   2
C Packham   7   –   1   –   35   –   0
Fakenham   8   –   0   –   33   –   0
S Graham   3   –   0   –   19   –   0
R McCann   8   –   1   –   28   –   4
T Monahan   2   –   0   –   15   –   1
N Duckett   2   –   0   –   22   –   1

 Gardeners win by 40 runs

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