Jesus Long Vacation 29 July

To Cambridge for our second fixture of 2012 at the glorious Jesus College.  Richard won the toss and elected to bat as the clouds gathered.  Paul J and Chris opened up and had to deal with some quality bowling from Wilson and Celiz … a fine job was being done, the cricket being attritional for a while and then Chris playing a sensational back foot Cover drive for four and then simply dismissing a short ball through Cover Point for four.  Man in form!  Chris obviously hadn’t said his prayers in the morning as a thunderstorm arrived, Richard calling the players off the pitch promptly as he knew the insurance didn’t specifically cover the death of a Gardener to a lightning strike.  Down the rain poured as the splendid new covers took the brunt of the deluge.  As it eased off after nearly two hours I approached the wicket to find a bone dry track but with very slippery run-ups.  I reluctantly agreed to re-start the game as a 20 over match.  Big confession from Richard that he doesn’t like the format … even though he’s played lots of it over the past two seasons.  Oh well, Chris opted to give someone else a bat and Richard stuffed him down the order to number 11.  “Thanks Richard” he said.  I like to think there was no hint of sarcasm in his voice.  Jeff took Chris’ place opening in the new game.  Block-block-clonk (bowled).  “Pinch hitter my a***” said a voice in a Norfolk accent.  Richard played some neat shots but failed to hit a lofted drive far enough to clear mid off.  Paul J got bowled by a lovely ball.  Dave H was playing tally chart cricket (all singles) but was keeping us in the game until he lofted one to perish for 10.  Tom hit six runs in four balls before joining us under the thatched pavilion.  Lord Fakenham ran himself out for seven trying to get us up to a decent score.  Nick watched the mayhem whilst compiling six runs and Jim went in and played a good array of handsome shots to be unbeaten on 11.  With the outfield now rapidly drying and this being a very good wicket, our 65 runs looked about half of what we should have scored.

SGCC   65 for 6   off 20 overs
Paul Jordan   b Cartwright   2
Jeff Round   b Celiz   0
Richard Higginbottom   c Rutter b Cartright   8
David Hollingsworth   c Cartwright b Wilson   10
Tom Monahan   b Rattan   6
Lord Fakenham   run out   7
Nick Duckett   not out   6
Jim Monahan   not out   11
Adam Wood, Paul Brasted and Chris Packham did not bat
Extras   14

We’d had tea (it was very good, of course) so straight round for the Long Vacation reply.  The opposition skipper told me they’d played a lot of 20 over cricket this season and hadn’t lost a game yet.  We quickly found out why as Chris bowled pretty well but everything even remotely loose (and a lot that wasn’t) was despatched around the ground.  Chris found a good ball to bowl Celiz whilst at the other end the baronet was amazingly keeping things in check, his trademark outswing evading the flashing blades of the cavalier batsmen.  Jim came on to replace Chris and was also treated to some willow thuggery despite putting down mainly good deliveries.  Paul bowled one over that wasn’t quite on the money and ended up slightly dazed at the end of it and couldn’t remember where he was fielding.  “Where do you want me?” he asked the skipper.  “After that over, back in the pavilion”.  Chris advised me later that “you can be a right bastard sometimes”.  Fair point – I apologised to Paul then and repeat the apology here.  Can’t have our Somerset Surprise Package being disconcerted.  Lucky Adam – I realised he hadn’t had a bat and the game was fast disappearing from our grasp – so on he came.  One ball for one run and that was it.  I hate T20 cricket.

JCLV   65 f0r 1   off 9.1 overs
Wilkinson   not out   14
Celiz   b Packham   10
Loxam   not out   36
Extras 5

SGCC Bowling
Packham   3 overs – 0 maidens – 22 runs – 1 wicket
Fakenham   3 – 0 – 8 – 0
J Monahan   2 -0 – 17 – 0
Brasted   1 – 0 – 16 – 0
Wood   0.1 – 0 – 1 – 0

Jesus College LV won by 9 wickets

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