WrongStock 22 July

The Gardeners captain had his organisational skills stretched to the maximum extent as this fixture was originally against Bendev – but a double booking for them and some quite frankly sub-standard communication from them despite the best efforts by Jim and Richard left us in danger of being without a game.  Fortunately Woodstock had a game on Saturday this week so eight of them made up the bulk of our hastily put-together opposition, the remainder being made up by three solid citizens from our friends the Wrong ‘Uns.  Hence the hybrid name of a club that doesn’t really exist.

We won the toss and as a number of Gardeners were struggling to get up to the Extension, Richard had little option but to bat first on a pitch that made a soaking sponge seem hard and bouncy.  Initially this provided some assistance to openers Richard and Chris as our visitors had a splendid pace bowler who was bending his back and hitting a testing length all the time.  Most of the time the ball was dying on the track – giving us few scoring opportunities but also making it not too difficult to remain in.  Eventually Rich got through Chris’ defences in the last over of his 5 over stint and then Ricky came on – whose dazzling spin accounted for Richard and 2-Bats in short succession.  17 for no wicket now 22-3.  Mick hit three good shots then was caught off Paul.  Jeff can’t use a pitch with no bounce and was fed up at the prospect of cricket on a “result wicket” and came unstuck, caught behind off Paul for 4.  Adam Klewin … now here’s a man who knows how to bat … oh dear also bowled by Paul as the carnage continued.  Wickets kept on fall interspersed with very few runs.  Lord Fakenham was well down the order as he’d arrived at the ground so late – and clobbered two sublime boundaries to get us past 50 – and then holed out (also to Paul).  We’d agreed as we were only 10 strong that our lowest scoring player could go in again.  So 2-Bats rejoined the fray – and didn’t get to face a ball as Paul pulled an agonising face as he tamely popped an easy catch to Bob to close our sorry attempt at an innings.

SGCC   54 all out   off 18.2 overs
Richard Higginbottom   b Ricky   9
Chris Packham   b Rich   9
David Hollingsworth   b Ricky   0
Mick Campbell   c Bob b Paul   7
Jeff Round   c Noel b Paul   4
Adam Klewin   b Paul   0
Stuart Bruce   b Ricky   4
Adam Wood   b Lenny   3
Lord Fakenham   c Darren b Paul   8
Paul Brasted   c Bob b Kevin   0
Extras   8

WrongStock Bowling
Rich   5 overs – 1 maiden – 12 overs – 1 wicket
Bob   3 – 1 – 5 – 0
Ricky   4 – 1 – 4 – 3
Paul   5 – 0 – 26 – 4
Kevin   1 – 0 – 5 – 1
Lenny   0.2 – 0 – 3 – 1

Well at least tea was pretty good as I made a special effort for our guests as at least we’d got some cricket.  Shame we don’t know how to bat.  Right lets try to get some respect.

Chris and Mick opened up for us and runs were more scarce than a vegetarian in Nando’s as Chris bowled 2 maidens.  At the other end Mick set about knocking over the stumps like there was no tomorrow.  The Tasman Devil clean bowled batsmen 2, 3, 4 and 5 whilst conceding scarcely a run. Adam replaced the luckless Chris (4 overs for 7 runs) as Mick wreaked havoc.  Great spell sadly came to an end, but Paul was looking good too and accounted for WrongStock’s Kevin for 0.  Lord Fakenham took over from Adam and removed WrongStock’s mainstay Alan for 24 – Paul taking the catch.  Come on!  Jason then got the skipper to hang on to a catch to dismiss Paul for 10.  47-7 … can we finish the job?  Sadly not quite a Bob – who’d planned on an afternoon with his feet up – came in and crashed two fours to see his team home.  As the winning shot disappeared to the boundary, 2-Bats suggested a fielding change to the skipper …..

WrongStock   56 for 7   off 20.2 overs
Alan   c Brasted b Fakenham   24
Tetters   b M Campbell   1
Robbie   b M Campbell   0
Little Bob   b M Campbell   1
Darren   b M Campbell   1
Paul   c Higginbottom b Amesbury   10
Kevin   b Brasted   0
Lenny   not out   0
Bob   not out   9
Extras   10

SGCC Bowling
Packham   4 overs – 2 maidens – 7 runs – 0 wickets
M Campbell   7 – 2 – 10 – 4
Wood   4 – 0 – 17 0 – 0
Brasted   3 – 1 – 15 – 1
Fakenham   2.2 – 2 – 4 – 2

WrongStock won by 3 wickets

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