Pimlico Strollers 9 September

This fixture should have been vs the Nomads.  I tried seven different grounds after Enfield Council had told me our insurance cover needed to be increased to enable us to hire the ground we’d booked in Southgate.  This would have cost an extra £100 so I couldn’t expect Bruno’s boys to stump that up so I went on an internet search for a ground.  This turned up a communication from Tim Sturm of the Strollers whose oppo had let them down for this date.  I cheekily tried to get their ground (no dice) so instead agreed to play them and offer any Nomads who fancied it a game.  The location of the game in outer West London (Northwood) put a number of players off and we got their with nine Gardeners ready to do battle.  Fortunately (or not) the Strollers were similarly scraping for numbers as it’s a bit of a schlep from their normal Crouch Hill stomping ground so a nine-a-side 35 overs game was established.

Richard won the toss and elected to bat – mainly because he though Paul Brasted might be playing as he’d forgotten that Paul was on holiday in Krakow.  He does love his pickled vegetables.  Richard H opened with Adam and it was the man from Amersham who was first to perish, popping up a simple catch to Cover (usually the skipper’s mode of dismissal – when he isn’t gormlessly running himself out).  The bowling was accurate and Richard was watchful whilst Tom started to play some shots.  A chanceless 24 was scored by our trombonist before he lofted one off Fowler and was replaced by Richard Redman.  Richard’s our latest Tasmanian recruit and has applied some solid technique and grit to build some useful scores.  Richard H had hardly middled one ball and had edged a few past slips and the stumps before playing a handsome on drive for 4 to reach 20.  “Got it sussed now” he figured and promptly aimed an ugly swipe to have his timbers rattled.  Mick at last got to double figures and was looking settled but then was caught.  Doosra Duckett played a neat cut for 2 then repeated the stroke – only to have a splendid juggling catch by Boughey in the Gully end his innings abruptly.  Richard R was holding his end up well, despatching any loose deliveries all around the wicket and attempting to maximise the contributions of his partners.  Stuart belted a 4.  Here we go thought Richard H (now umpiring).  Wrong again as Stuart was also caught – the Strollers doing very well in the most important of disciplines.  Jeremy played some lovely strokes and possibly looked the most convincing of our batsmen until he got under one and Boughey took his third catch of our innings.  Amardeep managed to avoid the strike and was pleased to be not out as Richard tried exactly the same shot as his namesake with the same result.

SGCC   118 all out (8 wickets)   off 29.3 overs
Richard Higginbottom   b Gillies   20
Adam Wood   c Sturm b Davies   1
Tom Monahan   c Boughey b Fowler   24
Richard Redman   b Gillies   30
Mick Campbell   c Couldrey b Fowler   10
Nick Duckett   c Boughey b Lucas   2
Stuart Bruce   c Couldrey b Lucas  4
Jeremy Gostick   c Boughey b Lucas 11
Amardeep Jamu   not out   0
Extras   11

PSCC Bowling
Boughey   5 overs – 3 maidens – 9 runs – 0 wickets
Davies   7 – 2 – 15 – 1
Gillies   5.3 – 0 – 26 – 2
Fowler   5 – 0 – 332 – 2
Lucas   5 – 0 – 13 – 3
Couldrey   2 – 0 – 12 – 0

Tea was pretty good, a joint effort between the two teams meaning there was lots of food – particularly as there were only 18 of us instead of 22.  Into battle mes braves, there’s work to do.

Mick has been superb all season with his bowling and was immediately causing all kinds of problems for the batsmen.  Amazingly It took the Tasman Devil until the first ball of his third over to strike, a lovely off cutter skittling Burgess for 5.  Three balls later Strollers skipper Sturm joined Burgess back at the boundary – also bowled, this time by the sort of jaffa that almost had me feeling sorry for the batsman.  Tom bowled a few good deliveries at the other end but some were getting hit so the skipper brought on Richard R to stem the flow – which he did superbly well.  Mick was now on the rampage, yorking Gillies for 8 and then producing a lovely inswinger to castle Lucas.  Fowler has scored a lot of runs against us over the years and was shaping up well until Mick found a ball to travel at express speed, making Fowler hurry his shot and hitting the ball to Stuart who’s not known to drop anything coming anywhere near him.  Remarkably Mick reported that this was his first five-for for the Gardeners – hard to believe as he always troubles all the best batsmen.  Great effort and congratulations.  Time for Mick to take a breather and Stuart bowled seven overs of tightly controlled spin whilst Richard rotated the bowling at the other end – Jeremy and Nick had very good shouts for lbws and then Stuart bowled Droye for 2 and we were very definitely on top.  Couldrey started to play some fine shots and Davies was barnacle-like (though Nick trapped him with one half way up middle that even Ray Charles would have given).  Mick came back on and Couldrey skilfully kept Davies away from almost all his deliveries whilst surviving by the skin of his teeth.  Should the skipper have bowled Mick unchanged?  I’ve been thinking about it ever since as Nick and Stuart completed their spells and we couldn’t get the final two wickets needed to pull off an improbable victory.  A great game.

PSCC   119 for 6   off 26.4 overs
Burgess   b M Campbell   5
Fowler   c Bruce b M Campbell   16
Sturm   b M Campbell   0
Gillies   b M Campbell   8
Lucas   b M Campbell   0
Droye   b Bruce   2
Couldrey   not out   33
Davies   not out   15
Extras   31

SGCC Bowling
Mick Campbell  7 overs – 0 maidens – 22 runs – 5 wickets
Tom Monahan   3 – 0 – 22 – 0
Richard Redman   3 – 0 – 10 – 0
Stuart Bruce   7 – 0 – 18 – 1
Jeremy Gostick   4 – 0 – 10 – 0
Nick Duckett   2 – 0 – 13 – 0
Adam Wood   0.4 – 0 – 11 – 0

Pimlico Strollers won by 2 wickets

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