Jesus College 27 July

By Richard Higginbottom

So with a heavy heart I departed my Norfolk homeland having gone out to take the sea air at Snettisham before picking up Roger and depositing him at Kings Lynn railway station then heading across the county to pick up Chris S from my old cricketing stomping ground at Old Buckenham.  We made it to Jesus College in good time; we had lost Roger, Dave H, Mark and Pete but gained Nick, Adam, Stuart and Jim.

Richard lost the toss and JC captain Noel decided to bat.  Given that it is yet another glorious day in this beautiful Summer, a wise choice.  All of the top three for JC looked good, moving their feet well and demonstrating solid technique.  Which explains why I think Stuart’s spell that removed all three of them (one caught by Adam, one bowled and Noel himself prodding back to the bowler) might have been amongst the best of his stellar season.  Meanwhile we’ve started two down as Lord Fakenham managed to miss the train and Paul had been in tourist mode with Sarah (and promises to get up earlier to fit in his sightseeing in future).  So Chris, continuing to nurse his dodgy elbow, again showed that the support he’s wearing might be controlling his line and length well as he bowled a threatening and economical spell that was unlucky not to bear the fruit of a wicket.  Sipthorp and Hindson were now steadily rebuilding the innings with shots all around the pitch, the former being particularly severe on stray leg side balls (Tim offered few of these but we could have been sharper in preventing some boundaries).  Lord Fakenham joined the fray and was showing a little tiredness from yesterday, his length taking a while to come up to his own high standards.  When he did, Hindson popped up a catch that the baronet claimed for himself.  Wilson batted well with Sipthorp as Jim tried his arm and after a couple of “sighters” was regularly testing the batsmen, getting his reward when Sipthorp lifted one into Stuart’s hands.  This invoked Kuo whose flashing blade was pummeling the leg side boundary regularly in a quickfire innings that was ended by Chris P taking a very high sky-ball – again off Jim.  It was 4.30pm, JC had got 197 and decided it was time for tea – and for us to bat.

Jesus College 198 for 6 off 36 overs
Wilkinson   c Wood    b Bruce       13
Stacpoole             b Bruce        4
Rutter      c &       b Bruce        9
Sipthorp    c Bruce   b J Monahan   55
Hindson     c &       b Amesbury    42
Wilson      not out                 28
Kuo         c Packham b J Monahan   34
Weaver      not out                  0
Extras                              13

Salmagundi Gardeners   O   M   R   W
Bruce                  7   1  41   3
Packham                6   2  16   0
Clamp                  9   0  48   0
Amesbury               6   0  33   1
J Monahan              6   0  39   2
Higginbottom           2   0  16   0

Tea at Cambridge – always a treat.  A quick mention here to the husband and wife (and children) scoring team – accurate, friendly and we particularly like the advent of approaching the ground on two tandems.

So let’s get going in reply.  The captain’s buoyed by yesterday’s 30-odd so opens up.  A cut, a snick, a couple of nudges and then another snick (fatally) off Bates to third slip where Sipthorp made a really tough low chance look easy.  Chris P then belted one back at David Wilson for 6.  Excellent bowling; Nick did well for a short while before Wilson bowled him with a jaffa.  However, Stuart’s bat looks double-width and he’s picking the rare looser balls to strike away powerfully, impressing his own team and the opposition with a wide range of attractive strokes.  Conor gets another lovely ball from Wilson to record a duck.  Chris S now at the wicket and our two young guns (actually Tim The Clamp is younger still) work together well to at last give the home team something to think about … and gradually to concern them.  Chris was playing a fine tactical innings; Stuart was simply in prime form, spotting the stray deliveries early and sending them almost without fail to the boundary whilst respecting the (very many) good quality balls.  We were just starting to think our lost cause might yet become winnable when Kuo – who had been bowling big leg spinners pretty accurately – got Stuart to top-edge a return catch, having collected 62 runs.  Adam belted a boundary and was looking OK … then he gave Kuo a charge, missed, retreated (backwards), one foot caught under him he managed to propel himself with considerable force into his own stumps, his shoulders breaking the wicket.  Home and Away teams united in uncontrollable laughter – usually I’m sad when a Gardener gets out, but sometimes (very rarely) it’s plain funny.  In future Adam hopes to confine his theatrical skills to his Amateur Dramatic society.  Now Jim’s in and it’s Chris’ turn for a bit of dark humour as he drives towards Sipthorp and calls for two.  There was about 1.1 runs in the shot and all too predictably this excellent fielder picked up and ran out Jim by a considerable margin, our founder member somewhat annoyed.  Tim got bowled by Ashwin Rattan (excellent spell) still trying to go for the target (good; the captain doesn’t believe in batting out a dull draw as it would be a hollow result).  Jason snicked one very quickly off Easton and then Paul was left unbeaten on one for the second time this weekend as Chris was also bowled by Easton still trying to force the pace.

Salmagundi Gardeners 140 all out off 33.5 overs
Higginbottom   c Sipthorp b Bates        8
Packham        c &        b Wilson       6
Duckett                   b Wilson       7
Bruce          c &        b Kuo         62
Aspel                     b Wilson       0
Spicer                    b Easton      27
Wood           hit wicket b Kuo          5
J Monahan      run out    (Sipthorp)     1
Clamp                     b Rattan       5
Amesbury       c Rutter   b Easton       0
Brasted        not out                   1
Extras                                  18

Jesus College        O   M    R   W
Bates               10   1   40   1
Wilson               8   1   39   3
Kuo                  7   0   45   2
Rattan               7   1   10   1
Easton             1.5   0    5   2


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